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No matter whether you are brand new to the notion of cannabis as medicine or you have been employing marijuana by way of your personal connections, at Revolutionary Clinics, we’re all about creating your wellness journey as uncomplicated and pressure-free of charge as attainable.

That is exactly where our Patient Advocates come in. This group of educated educators/client service representatives/sales individuals contains Sarah-Jaana Nodell. As a core educator and Wellness Coordinator, Sarah-Jaana functions with each the Cannabis Handle Commission and the Cannabis Neighborhood Care and Investigation Center to make certain that each and every a single of our Patient Advocates has the newest data and complies with all state laws.

Verify out Sarah-Janna’s effortless and compassionate style in the video under as she shares her thoughts on how to speak to your pals about your healthcare marijuana use.

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Thanks to Sarah-Jaana’s guidance, every single of our Patient Advocates requires the identical method to connecting each and every patient who walks by way of our doors with the correct healthcare marijuana for their distinctive predicament. That begins by asking you lots of inquiries and listening to your answers in order to realize your physical, emotional and social requirements as properly as your remedy history. Especially:

What healthcare situation are you looking for relief from?

The healthcare marijuana goods that perform terrific for discomfort relief could have the opposite impact on sufferers who are coping with anxiousness. As Patient Advocate Andrew Elk says, “My job is to make no assumptions about what a certain patient requirements. That stated if you inform me you are suffering from anxiousness, then I know to steer you away from an whole class of goods that will not aid you.” Even if you stroll into a Revolutionary Clinics dispensary recognizing specifically what you want, be ready to talk about your healthcare background with your Patient Advocate.  Every single patient’s endocannabinoid program is distinctive so we’ll want to obtain as considerably data as we can about your remedy history and reactions to distinct medicines and therapies.

How will healthcare marijuana match into your private/perform/family members life?

Understanding your emotional requirements as properly as your physical requirements will allow your Patient Advocate to advise goods that perform for your life-style as properly as your remedy ambitions. For instance, if you are concerned about your neighbors or family members members getting bothered by the smell of cannabis, your Patient Advocate will show you vape carts, topicals and edibles that provide additional discretion.  “Some sufferers will only touch healthcare marijuana in pill type for the reason that it is what they’re utilised to and comfy with,” Andrew explains. “Understanding what sufferers like and do not like is critical but it is even additional critical to realize their fears or frustrations so I can aid them uncover new options.”

A single healthcare marijuana resolution exactly where Andrew’s expertise definitely shines is vaping. Verify out the video under to understand additional!

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What has worked for you in the previous and what hasn’t?

Even if you haven’t attempted marijuana due to the fact higher college, your Revolutionary Clinics Patient Advocate will want to know how it produced you really feel. Did you really feel euphoric, or did you want to fall asleep? Did you really feel the effects straight away or did it take a although? Even data about unknown cannabis goods will aid your Patient Advocate to make improved suggestions. “If a patient tells me that she got worked up when she smoked a joint in the ‘70s it is nevertheless terrific data for me to know,” Andrew explains. “Today’s healthcare marijuana goods have 20% THC versus the marijuana of the ‘70s that had five-six%. Recognizing how a patient reacted to significantly less intense goods is very beneficial.”

What are your hopes, fears and ambitions?

Based on your level of practical experience with healthcare marijuana and expertise of how it impacts you, your initial consultation may possibly final 30 minutes. If you are brand new to healthcare marijuana and are turning to Revolutionary Clinics for the reason that practically nothing else has worked for you and you are desperate for relief, we will invest as considerably time with you as it requires to aid you really feel confident in your choice. All of our Patient Advocates are sufferers themselves so they know what it is like to really feel scared, confused and intimidated. That is specially correct for Sarah-Jaana who has overcome a myriad of wellness challenges all through her life. “Everyone who walks by way of our door is walking a path we know practically nothing about,” Sarah-Jaana says. “I appreciate assisting individuals to mitigate their fears about healthcare marijuana, realize their distinctive endocannabinoid program and teach them how to incorporate other variables to trigger good responses.”

Apart from assisting you uncover the correct healthcare marijuana item for your predicament, the target of each and every Revolutionary Clinics check out is to aid each and every patient have what Sarah-Jaana calls “a rainbow day”. “Most individuals will inform you to have a great day, but a rainbow day is my way of acknowledging that issues do not generally go the way we want them to,” she says. “Having a rainbow day is an chance to appreciate each and every colour that comes your way and embrace your day to the finest of your capacity.”

If you are prepared to commence experiencing additional “rainbow days”, please cease by the Revolutionary Clinics dispensary nearest you or give us a contact at 617-213-6006!


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