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CBD Nutritional Review


CBD Oil Review rates CBD Nutritional with two stars because it qualifies for the Quality & Mission Badges.

CBD Nutritional: 60-Second Summary

CBD Nutritional offers the world adaptogenic wellness and beauty. An adaptogenic substance, in the health space, refers to something that responds to what the body currently needs. It may behave one way in one body and another way in a body with different needs. The ashwagandha herb is an example of an adaptogen. So is CBD. CBD Nutritional harnesses this adaptogenic power by creating thoughtful formulations. They source their CBD from industrial hemp grown organically and utilize solvent-free CO2 extraction. With a couple exceptions, we like what we see.


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CBD Nutritional Brand Review

CBD Nutritional was started by Chris (we don’t know her last name), a long-time certified holistic cannabis practitioner and wellness advocate. The Phoenix company prides themselves on their customer service, which they call “old school”, by providing phone support with every purchase and offering a 30-minute CBD consultation as a paid service. What that entails, we’re not sure, but we’re intrigued.

Intriguing describes many of the CBD Nutritional products that are off the beaten path. They still offer industry staples, but a few of their formulations caught our eye for their originality. For example, they offer both a sleep and happy formula in their CBD oil line. The sleep variety contains full spectrum CBD with sleep-boosting terpenes like myrcene and linalool. The happy formula has CBD isolate and terpenes associated with mood regulation like terpinolene. Pretty cool stuff.

Another CBD Nutritional Product we applaud is the 50 mg lozenge. It targets dry mouth and other oral health problems by changing the pH balance in the mouth. This CBD lozenge has a patented, slow-release delivery system that bypasses the digestive tract. Now you know — you can use CBD for bad breath!

The rest of the product line includes hemp flower in different strains for smoking (also an uncommon offering) and an extensive CBD topical segment with everything from sleep cream with magnesium, to lip balm and CBD pain relief cream. By and large, the topicals have clean, ingredients, and many contain mostly organic components. We found just one discrepancy —
phenoxyethanol in the CBD revitalizing cream. Phenoxyethanol is a chemical preservative present in a lot of anti-aging lotions. We don’t like it, but all the other topicals earn high marks.

We should note that CBD Nutritional sells many other products from third-party vendors which we won’t discuss here. Although they have test results posted for contaminants and purity, they are batch only, not for each SKU. We know we’re sticklers, but safety and purity (actually getting what you pay for) are paramount. No safety badge today.

Bottom Line- CBD Nutritional boasts really interesting and thoughtful products that you don’t see everyday. And while their packaging may not be pretty, many of their ingredients are organic. If they start testing for every SKU and get involved in charity, we’d be happy to rank them higher in the future.

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Badges For CBD Nutritional

CBD Nutritional ReviewQuality Verified

CBD Nutritional uses non-GMO hemp grown organically in Colorado and uses clean CO2 extraction to produce their CBD oil.

CBD Nutritional ReviewMission Verified

CBD Nutritional is committed to learning, offering premium CBD products and old school service, and educating their customers.



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CBD Nutritional

CBD Nutritional Review


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