Caryophyllene: A Cannabis Terpene Profile


If you love spicy, peppery strains, most most likely you have an appreciation for the terpene caryophyllene (also identified as beta-caryophyllene). As effectively as getting present in cannabis, this terpene is discovered in black pepper, rosemary, basil, cloves, and oregano. Caryophyllene adds a specific aroma and flavor to cannabis that is distinct and recognizable.

Like other terpenes, caryophyllene is identified to make a variety of effects when consumed. As 1 of the typical terpenes in cannabis, it is believed to interact with cannabinoids to kind a cumulative impact. This interaction and synergy involving a variety of cannabis compounds, such as terpenes and cannabinoids, is a phenomenon identified as the “entourage impact.” With the compound interaction of the entourage impact, the general outcome can be higher as a grouping than if the compounds had been consumed individually. This is why a lot of persons choose complete-spectrum extraction concentrates rather than isolate extraction concentrates. In other words, the health-related added benefits of a cannabis oil containing 30 % CBD but no other compounds could be significantly less helpful than an oil containing 30 % CBD but also the variety of other compounds discovered in the cannabis strain applied to develop the oil. The entourage impact will be the topic of ongoing investigation as scientists continue to get a much better understanding of marijuana’s and hemp’s therapeutic properties.

The Helpful Effects

Caryophyllene is believed to have wonderful prospective as a therapeutic terpene. Analysis indicates it can function as an anti-inflammatory agent to lower swelling. Folks with swelling of the physique from physical trauma or the edema brought on by chronic wellness circumstances like higher blood stress could come across substantial relief via ingestion of cannabis compounds, such as caryophyllene.

Other physical applications involve getting an helpful discomfort killer. Combined with cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the collective analgesic properties of caryophyllene and these cannabinoids could present substantial relief for persons suffering from either short-term or chronic discomfort. Extra opioid drugs are prescribed for discomfort relief than any other health-related symptom, and these drugs lead to unnecessary deaths everyday, resulting in the United States’ present “opioid epidemic.” Option solutions of discomfort relief need to be evaluated to present other choices for discomfort management. Caryophyllene could play a effective function as a viable alternative—or component of the option.

Caryophyllene also shows proof of guarding the cells of the gastrointestinal tract. Analysis into the prospective added benefits of caryophyllene on ulcers has yielded exciting outcomes that point to its prospective applications in treating this all-also-typical situation. There are a variety of organic substances that sooth the digestive tract, like chamomile, honey, and ginger, so caryophyllene could present holistic added benefits as effectively.

Mental circumstances like anxiousness and depression can also advantage from caryophyllene. The endocannabinoid program responds to cannabinoids and terpenes in complicated approaches. Cannabis molecules selectively target precise person endocannabinoid receptors in the human physique. Research indicate that molecules that target the CB2 receptor influence depression and anxiousness. Interestingly, caryophyllene is 1 of these molecules. With this getting the case, the prospective for cannabis strains containing caryophyllene to sooth anxiousness and lift spirits, easing depression, is wonderful. Just like caryophyllene’s prospective utilizes for relieving discomfort and support replace opioids as an affective—and a great deal safer—analgesic, this terpene could also present an option to antidepressants. The fascinating prospective health-related applications of caryophyllene encompass a variety of prospective utilizes that will hopefully some day be place to use as our understanding of how cannabinoids and terpenes interaction with the human physique continues to enhance.

Cannabis Strains Containing Caryophyllene

In addition to the spicy and peppery flavors of caryophyllene, cannabis strains that have a diesel or fuel aroma and flavor also are identified to be higher in caryophyllene. These flavors are distinct, so if you sample a strain with spicy or fuel-like notes, possibilities are it includes substantial levels of caryophyllene.

If you suspect that a cannabis strain could include this terpene, and you seek its prospective added benefits in organic types of health-related cannabis, you can discover additional about strain terpene profiles by going on the net. With laboratory testing of cannabis at an all-time higher, the terpene profiles of a lot of well known strains are offered. Take Chemdawg as a great instance. This strain has pungent fuel aromas, so it ought to come as tiny surprise that it also includes caryophyllene as a dominant terpene. A lot of other strains include this therapeutic compound as effectively. The following list of a half-dozen strains supplies a sample of potent flower other than the Chemdawg instance currently covered. A lot of of these strains are usually discovered on dispensary shelves.


Typically displaying the purple colour of its Granddaddy Purple parent, Candyland normally has sweet and earthy flavors. When grown indoors it is identified as a hardy strain that is a very good option for starting growers. Apart from the healing properties and pleasing flavors of Candyland, its effects are upbeat and pleased, which transitions and balances out with feelings of relaxation.


A Really serious Seeds classic, AK-47 has a special and pleasing flavor that has a subtle sweetness coupled with spicy sandalwood-like notes. As a sativa-dominant strain, AK-47 supplies upbeat effects that are clear-headed and inventive. The slightly relaxing balance is a telltale sign of the Afghani indica genetics applied to develop this strain.

Gorilla Glue #four

A hugely well known strain, Gorilla Glue #four gained a massive following for its exceptionally sticky, trichome-coated flowers, which is a particular clue for how it earned its name. This strain includes ample amounts of caryophyllene, but the powerful flavors lean additional to the earthy pine side than spice. Gorilla Glue #four is a challenging-hitting hybrid that has pronounced indica qualities that make it exceptionally relaxing, with the classic “couch-lock” top quality for which indica strains are effectively-identified.


Made a number of years ago by Soma Seeds, Lavender has a massive mix of strains in its family members tree. The aroma and flavor have pleasing floral and spicy notes that hint at its caryophyllene content material. Subtle lavender notes are typically present as effectively, and some of its flowers take on a soft purplish hue, which each contribute to how this strain earned its name. When Lavender could not be as well known as it as soon as was, it nevertheless has a following that make it fairly typical in dispensaries.

Skunk #1

The appealing plant structure and ample potency of Skunk #1 are contributing components for its ongoing reputation. This strain was produced a number of decades ago, and has served as a powerful cornerstone strain in the creation of all-new strains. There are two distinctly unique version of Skunk #1, the California version and the Amsterdam version. The Dutch flower has distinctly sweet and subtly spicy qualities, when the American West Coast version has skunky and earthy flavors that earned it its name. Each are worth a attempt. Most persons have a decided preference for 1 or the other.

Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies strain led to a entire family members of “cookie strains.” It is influence on the contemporary cannabis space is undeniable. This is understandable as soon as you take into account that OG Kush and Durban Poison are the parents—which are classics in their personal correct. The flavors are sweet and floral, balanced by a mild dankness. The impact has good balance as effectively, with an uplifting euphoria that transitions into functional relaxation. When you will not come across it sold in a box like its namesake, you will really most likely be in a position to come across it for sale, mainly because Girl Scout Cookies appears to have universal appeal.


The health-related added benefits of caryophyllene, as effectively as the pleasing flavors of this terpene, make it 1 that you could want to seek. When it could not be really as typical in cannabis as some other terpenes like myrcene, it is fairly prevalent in the globe of cannabis.

In search of caryophyllene-wealthy strains could enable you to stay away from harmful pharmaceuticals and come across relief in a additional organic kind. Give strains containing caryophyllene a attempt, and you possibly could come across it is the answer you have been in search of.


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