Arkansas lawmakers restrict healthcare marijuana marketing



As Arkansas healthcare cannabis enterprises appear forward to the launch of the state’s healthcare marijuana plan, they are taking cautious note of the truth that the legislature just authorized a bill to restrict marketing aimed at curbing children’s interest in MMJ solutions.

Beneath the measure, which has now passed each chambers immediately after becoming amended:

  • Cultivators would be banned from marketing to the public, and dispensaries would be heavily restricted.
  • Dispensaries would not be permitted to use symbols such as cartoon characters that may attract young children, and Television, radio, print and world wide web marketing could only target audiences that are significantly less than 30% young children.
  • Dispensaries would be prohibited from marketing inside 1,000 feet of a college or daycare center.

The measure codifies current guidelines in the state’s Alcohol Beverage Handle suggestions.

The Senate initial passed a measure restricting marketing in March, an amended version was passed by the Property and then the most up-to-date version was passed by the Senate on Monday.

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