On July 23, 2018, Acreage Holdings announced that their Series E funding round closed effectively. The business is 1 of the biggest cannabis operators in the nation, and they have been capable of securing $119 million in capital, which are going to be utilized to enable the business get prepared for their public listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange. This listing is supposed to go reside sometime in the third quarter of 2018, and a lot of investors are excited about the chance to invest in this business.

With the dollars raised, and the rollup, it shows that good results of this business and the quantity of faith that the investor partners have in it to continue to be a force in the planet of cannabis. In truth, the quantity raised is the biggest quantity of private funding that a business has raised in this sector hence far. Presently, the business is operating to some degree in all 13 states. The added dollars that has been raised really should enable the business to expand their horizons, along with the quantity of brands, licenses, and properties that they operate substantially more than the course of the subsequent year or so.

The expansion is probably to enable them to grow to be an even far more eye-catching solution for investors when they are added to the Canadian Securities Exchange in the autumn of 2018. Acreage is a business that is worth watching closely, and it could really nicely be a excellent solution for investors seeking for an chance they can trust.