What are people today saying about our new HempMeds Individual Care Line?


Have you heard the news about our revolutionary new Individual Care Line? We got the buzz from our debut at the All-natural Goods Show that people today LOVED it! What had been they saying?

The HempMeds Physique Wash components, like peppermint and licorice are definitely made to  be “refreshing” and “literally smell invigorating” and they “…couldn’t wait to attempt it in the shower!”

The HempMeds Physique Lotion with its gender neutral but pleasing organic scent and potent 100 milligrams of CBD wasn’t also feminine for the guys to appreciate it, but the ladies truly loved it. Keyword phrases applied: “silky, relaxing, smooth, wonderful!”

The HempMeds Shampoo and Conditioner had people today exceptionally pleased that it is fantastic for all hair forms, was sulfate-absolutely free for these who dye their hair or get the Brazilian and other hair straightening remedies and they had been most excited about the wonderful added benefits of CBD for your scalp and promotion of hair development!

Do not take our word for it even though, attempt it right now and let us know what you feel!

Media or Influencer Inquiries to get samples must be directed to Kat Smith by way of [email protected] 


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