The Vast Variations In between Smoking Marijuana and Smoking Cigarettes



The variations involving smoking cannabis and smoking cigarettes are evident and clear to these of us in the cannabis neighborhood. Other than getting grown in the ground and getting smoked, there is really tiny else that cannabis and tobacco have in prevalent.

But it is essential to recall that not everybody is as cognizant of the effects of marijuana as we are. In truth, there are lots of persons nevertheless to this day that will inform you smoking cigarettes and marijuana are the very same.

When I was in grade college I was told much more occasions than I can recall that “smoking 1 joint is like smoking 20 cigarettes.” I know now, of course, that this statement has no basis in reality. But millions of children just like me had that nonsense – and other related nonsense – drilled into their heads for decades. A couple of years of expanding World wide web access cannot wipe away 80+ years of propaganda.

And while the clear variations involving cannabis and tobacco are increasingly talked about in the mainstream press, there are nevertheless a lot of persons the message hasn’t reached however. This is why when persons like Kevin Sabet evaluate “Big Tobacco” to the coming catastrophe of “Big Weed”, some basically listen.

So it is essential for us to continue to educate persons about the vast variations involving tobacco and cannabis and combat the lies we had been all told expanding up. Although “Big Tobacco” executives spent decades attempting to cover up the devastating well being effects of their merchandise, the opposite is correct of marijuana. We are understanding that not only is marijuana not unsafe, we are locating much more optimistic well being effects all the time. Every person in the cannabis neighborhood, from CEOs to press to buyers, regularly calls for much more analysis on the cannabis plant.

Cannabis providers have no explanation to hide something the much more transparency that surrounds marijuana, the much more well-known it becomes, and the much more well-known it becomes, the much more marijuana that is sold. Cannabis providers want you to analysis their merchandise and discover much more about them.

We know this, but lots of do not. That is why it is up to us to hold spreading this data. Do not assume that everybody knows what you do, particularly if you have spent much more time hunting into the challenge than other folks.

When you see a person producing the ‘tobacco is like cannabis’ comparison, get in touch with them out on it. Propaganda cannot be permitted to stand unchallenged, no matter how naturally false we know it to be.


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