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Purple Trainwreck is the ultimate choose-me-up. In contrast to what the name suggests, it will not make you really feel like you have been hit by a train. Alternatively, if you currently really feel like you have been run more than, Purple Trainwreck is positive to assist you really feel far better. It is an uplifting strain that is recognized to enhance your mood as properly as stimulate creativity. This is the best strain for hanging out with pals, an just after-operate enhance, or for midnight creatives. 

Purple Trainwreck Lineage and Origin

Purple Trainwreck is classified as a balanced hybrid. Produced by Humboldt Seed Organization, Purple Trainwreck is a cross amongst two well known strains, Trainwreck, and Granddaddy Purple. The Purple Trainwreck strain genetic make-up is a special and intriguing blend of Thai, Afghani, and Mexican strains. The Purple Trainwreck strain THC levels can attain up to 25%. This is a difficult-hitting and effective strain.

On the other hand, even although it may possibly hit you difficult, it will not make you really feel like you have been run more than. This strain is in the end a brilliant and excellent creation that healthcare marijuana individuals and recreational customers each delight in.

To recognize the Purple Trainwreck cannabis strain even extra, you have to have to know a small bit about its parent plants.


This is a robust marijuana strain recognized for its effective effects. Its THC levels variety from 16-28% and will create each a thoughts and physique higher. Trainwreck is an uplifting and relaxing strain that tastes and smells like citrus, menthol, and pine.

Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple is a properly recognized name in the cannabis globe. This Indica-dominant strain packs a effective punch with THC levels ranging from 17-24%. Grandaddy Purple is recognized for its amazing and vibrant purple colour and its sweet, citrusy, and earthy flavors. This is also a strain that will get your thoughts and physique good and relaxed.

Aroma, Flavor, and Look

Living up to its name this strain consists of gorgeous purple buds with dark red spread all through producing it special in its look. Not only will you be captured by its beauty, but the Purple Trainwreck weed strain is also notorious for filling an whole space with a sweet fruity aroma producing you not want to leave. 

The Purple Trainwreck marijuana strain also produces a special mixture of flavors. Very first, you are probably to knowledge the potent taste of herb with highlights of grape and berries. Subsequent, a sweet woody flavor will linger on the tongue. 

Purple Trainwreck Strain Increasing Facts

This is a quite low upkeep strain to develop which can be good for growers who are new to the game. It has a higher resistance to mold, and the Purple Trainwreck yield is recognized to be higher. 

This marijuana strain can develop to be quite tall which may possibly make increasing it outdoors a far better thought. Increasing the Purple Trainwreck strain outdoors is quite quick as lengthy as you are cultivating the plants in a warm and dry climate. The plants will be prepared for harvest about mid-October and will create about 25 ounces per plant.

When cultivating the Purple Trainwreck OG strain indoors, you will have to have to be positive you are increasing the plants in a tall space or train the plants. If you do not, the cannabis plants are probably to develop also close to your lighting program causing the plants to endure from lightburn. Other than that, the Purple Trainwreck strain flowering time ranges amongst 9-11 weeks. Indoors, this strain will create about 18 ounces per square meter.

Good Effects

This is a potent and very rapid-acting strain. On the other hand, as an alternative of leaving you glued to the couch, you will start to really feel energized. The Purple Trainwreck strain is a preferred amongst recreational customers for social scenarios. It will almost certainly make you really feel quite hyper and will also make you additional talkative. It may possibly even give you a case of uncontrollable giggles for no apparent purpose.

If you take a higher dose of Purple Trainwreck, just after your hyper euphoric knowledge, a heavy physique higher will start out to set in. You will then really feel calm, relaxed, and normally pleased. Some think there are handful of far better mood lifting strains on the market place than Purple Trainwreck.

Feasible Unfavorable Side Effects 

Each and every marijuana strain comes with its attainable damaging side effects. If you are new to marijuana, this may not be the strain you want to start out out with. Purple Trainwreck is quite potent and may possibly be also a great deal for novices. If you are not made use of to weed, Purple Trainwreck may possibly make you anxious or paranoid. Headaches and dizziness are also side effects related with this strain. 

If you are not new to marijuana, the most frequent side effects are going to be dry mouth and dry or itchy eyes. On the other hand, these two side effects can be quick to treat or even stop. Just be positive to have lots of hydrating fluids nearby and drink them ahead of, for the duration of, and just after your higher. Maintaining some moisturizing eye drops on hand will also assist with the dry or itchy eyes.

Purple Trainwreck Added benefits

Getting that the Purple Trainwreck strain is a balanced hybrid, healthcare marijuana individuals can get the very best of each indica and sativa effects with this strain. In reality, this strain is well known amongst healthcare marijuana individuals for the reason that of its versatility. It can assist with challenges from chronic discomfort to depression. It can also be quite helpful for individuals who have sleep circumstances. But, in these circumstances, a greater dose may possibly be necessary. 

Some of the healthcare circumstances Purple Trainwreck may possibly assist relieve are:

  • Chronic pressure
  • Anxiousness
  • Depression
  • Mood disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Joint/Muscle discomfort

Encouraged Time of use for Purple Trainwreck

This strain offers the very best of each worlds, producing you energetic and ecstatic about life and then easing you into a relaxed and nonetheless good state. Though this is a good ‘social’ strain, you may possibly nonetheless want to keep close to residence when making use of it. 

Its effects may possibly prove to be also potent to be a great strain to use ahead of you get your day began. The Purple Trainwreck strain is recognized to present a burst of euphoric power lasting for about an hour ahead of it starts to act like a sedative. Its effects will differ, but this strain may possibly be very best made use of at residence just after a lengthy day of operate. 


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