New Hampshire Property Passes Cannabis Legalization Bill • Higher Occasions


Lawmakers in the New Hampshire Property of Representatives passed a bill final Thursday that would legalize the recreational use and sale of marijuana. Representatives voted to pass the measure, Property Bill 481, by a margin of 200-163 right after becoming authorized by the Techniques and Suggests Committee in late March.

If passed, HB 481 would legalize possession of up to one particular ounce of cannabis and up to 5 grams of hashish or concentrates for adults 21 and older. House cultivation of up to six plants and possession of the cannabis harvested from a household garden would also be permitted. The bill would also establish a regulatory structure for industrial cannabis production and sales.

Matt Simon, the New England political director for cannabis reform advocacy group the Marijuana Policy Project, hailed the passage of the bill in a press release.

“We applaud the Property for advancing this historic legislation with such robust help,” he mentioned. “HB 481 would replace New Hampshire’s failed prohibition policy with a additional sensible method in which cannabis sales are regulated and taxed.”

Simon also named on senators to pass the measure authorized by their colleagues in the Property.

“It’s time for the Senate to recognize that regulating cannabis is in our state’s greatest interest, not just economically, but also in terms of public well being and security,” he mentioned. “New Hampshire has turn into an island of marijuana prohibition in the area, and Granite Staters are prepared to see that adjust. It is time to join our neighboring states in adopting a new method.”

Rep. Richard Ames, vice chair of the Techniques and Suggests Committee, mentioned that legalization can take cannabis out of the hands of black industry operators and build a new sector in the state.

“House Bill 481, as amended, will bring cannabis out of the shadows and deliver for its suitable taxation, regulation, and legal use by adults,” he mentioned.

Rep. Alan Bershtein mentioned that it was time for the government to take a new method to cannabis policy, adding that “cannabis prohibition has not worked for the previous 82 years. This bill utilizes economics, not guns and prisons, to address the challenge.”

Opponents Argue Against Legalization

Rep. Stephen Pearson urged fellow lawmakers to vote against the bill, saying cannabis legalization in other states has not succeeded as planned.

“The truth is that you have been told you have been finding the world’s greatest designer weed, but all you left with was a bag complete of seeds and grass clippings,” Pearson mentioned.

Kate Frey of nonprofit public policy group New Futures also campaigned against the bill.

“This legislation does not place into spot the required regulations or protections for our young children that should really come with commercialization, which includes earmarking funds raised for substance abuse prevention, therapy, and recovery,” she mentioned.

Frey also noted that the bill passed with nine fewer votes than it received in a preliminary Property vote in February.

“We are pleased to see that quantity in the votes has gone down because final time, and I consider men and women are understanding that this commercializes a different addictive drug,” Frey mentioned.

Gov. Chris Sununu has indicated that he will veto any cannabis legalization bill passed by the legislature. If that happens, 267 votes in the Property would be necessary to override the veto, far additional than the 200 votes the bill received on Thursday.


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