Health-related Necessity – Lastly some sense on Cannabis in Court


The HEMP Celebration is overjoyed with the selection of a Jury at the Downing Centre District Court who identified Dr Andrew Katelaris Not Guilty of all charges in relation to the provide of health-related cannabis to individuals, such as critically ill youngsters.

HEMP Celebration President Michael Balderstone stated, “This selection has been a extended time coming for the courageous fantastic Physician. We’re seeing the Courts ignore the strict rule of law of cannabis when it comes to its health-related use. Dr Katelaris has place his life into bringing to light the prospective of healing with Cannabis and it is heartening to see him lastly get some achievement.”

The momentous court ruling is a strategic win for health-related cannabis advocates about the nation who are incensed by the media and federal government continually reporting that health-related cannabis is legal in Australia.

Mr Balderstone added, “The new get in touch with will be for the health-related profession, police and the judiciary to stand aside and enable governments and the citizens to create a meaningful health-related cannabis regime that addresses the requirements and issues of more than 100 000 Australian working with illicit cannabis each and every day for health-related purposes.”.

This certain case against the outspoken cannabis law reform advocate was sparked by an interview in which Dr Katelaris invited a journalist to film inside a secret cultivation and production area in a suburban property. Inside days of the story becoming aired police arrested Dr Katelaris who was ultimately jailed, bailed, re jailed, re bailed and now has been identified Not Guilty of any criminal acts. In it is wisdom, the jury identified the defense of health-related necessity acceptable and the Judge abides by the selection.

HEMP Celebration secretary Andrew Kavasilas stated, “it seems the Courts have removed the health-related profession, the have to have for scientific proof and police from the debate. This is precisely how it began in Canada in 2002 which triggered the government to initiate a health-related cannabis regime, inside a year.”

Higher profile health-related cannabis advocates like Lucy Haslam have been sceptical of current health-related cannabis announcement and continue to push for fair and affordable access to standard health-related cannabis rather than highly-priced and challenging to get cannabinoid medicines which are only offered by an Authorised Doctor’s recommendation.

Though there’s an increasingly considerable quantity of Australians turning to the black industry for their health-related cannabis provide, HEMP Celebration statisticians are now producing the assertion that Australians use amongst 420 to 750 kilograms of Cannabis each and every day.

“This could really properly be a turning point, I cannot see how police can continue to enforce laws that the public and judiciary basically do not help. It is now time for the Federal Government to listen really meticulously and do what ever it requires to acknowledge and bypass UN Drug Treaties, as Canada has now completed, which have hindered scientific investigation and health-related use of cannabis at the international level,” added Mr Kavasilas.

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