five Strange Stats About The Typical American Sex Life


Our sex lives are all particularly varied and individual, but that does not imply that trends do not pop up. Wired gathered information on Americans and their sex lives, collecting details from individuals of all ages, genders and sexualities. They located some really fascinating patterns of sexual behavior.

Verify out 5 of the strangest and most curious items researchers found.

Millennials are the demographic that is had the least quantity of sex

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Though Child Boomers sleep with an typical of 12 individuals in their lifetimes, Gen Xers sleep with about 10 individuals. Millennials are clocking in the lowest numbers, possessing just eight sexual partners more than their lifetimes. This trend is reflected in other research, exactly where millennials are reporting significantly much less sex than preceding generations.

When you will have the most sex

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According to Wired‘s information, Americans have the most sex when they’re in in between the ages of 30 and 34.

Americans kiss about 21 individuals

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That is really good. When added with each other, Americans also devote an typical of two weeks kissing. And will have exchanged more than 278 kinds of bacteria, which is not that good.

Most drop their virginities in their teen years

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The information claims that males drop their virginities when they’re 16.eight years old, and females when they’re 17.two.

Your sexuality does not impact the quantity of sexual partners

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The median quantity of sex partners was six for straight males, straight females, gay males and gay females. If you want to understand far more, you can verify out the complete video on Wired.


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