Essential Suggestions for Maximizing Cannabis Flavor


For cannabis connoisseurs, flavor is a enormous component of the general encounter. Flower with pungent and complicated terpenes is what tends to make some strains actually specific. If these strains have great potency as properly, they rapidly obtain a name for themselves and build a demand that gets the focus of cultivators and dispensary owners.

Take OG Kush as a ideal instance. When OG (“Original Gangsta”) Kush hit the Los Angeles cannabis space back in the ‘90s, it gained an nearly fanatical following nearly instantly. The purpose for this was OG Kush’s incredible flavor, which eludes an sufficient description with mere words. Provide most certainly could not preserve up with demand, and the strain’s scarcity contributed to its desirability and general mystique. Aspect of the aggravation for these who wanted to receive a substantial quantity of this flower is that the strain is a low producer. This reality appears to have enhanced with time, in all probability by way of some selective breeding and genetic alterations, but OG Kush nevertheless is not identified for heavy yields.

Adding to the allure of OG Kush is its debatable genetic background, with some men and women claiming it came from bag seed flower of mysterious origin and other folks saying it is a Chemdawg cross, which appears to be the predominant opinion. There is substantially to mentioned for a great name, as well, and as the reputation of OG Kush grew and it produced a buzz (pun intended) on the cannabis scene, inaccuracies about the “OG” component of the name began to emerge, which some men and women mentioned stood for “Ocean Grown” for the reason that it was extensively recognized as a well known Los Angeles strain, and L.A. is close to the ocean.

Though all of these factors contribute to a great strain story, it is OG Kush’s exceptional flavor that actually launched it to its elevated status as an elite strain. When increasing a strain like this, it is up to the grower to maximize the flavor by way of sound cultivation practices.

Components for Maximizing Terpenes

When increasing cannabis, there are a quantity of variables that contribute to a grow’s general good results or failure. The objective of this short article is not to offer a “Cannabis Cultivation 101” crash course in how to develop, but rather to determine the essential places of value for increasing flavorful marijuana.

1st, a grower need to comprehend that a strain’s outstanding flavor and its terpene improvement go hand in hand. Coaxing maximum terpene improvement from a plant demands due diligence on the component of the grower. The following variable are essential to good results.


Just before a develop even begins, the cultivator need to procure the ideal strains obtainable. This can be carried out by acquiring either seeds or clones. Seeds offer a significantly less trustworthy alternative than clones for the reason that lots of strains have a range of phenotypes, with some becoming far better than other folks. Excellent will differ.

Clones are a far more particular avenue to good results, especially if the clones come from a very desirable “cut.” For instance, the Lake Tahoe and San Fernando Valley cuts of OG Kush are very regarded and typically regarded the ideal versions of this strain. Locating them can pose some challenges, but with some hunting these cuts are obtainable for these who want to develop clones.

Pampered with correct care, a great seed version or a clone of a strain will generate an outstanding harvest of fragrant and flavorful flower. Making use of outstanding genetics is 1 of the most crucial components for increasing actually exceptional marijuana. The old axiom “You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” certainly holds accurate when it comes to cultivating cannabis. An typical strain will not generate outstanding flower, regardless of the care it receives.

Soil and Soil Additives

Most men and women who know a issue or two about great cannabis will insist on smoking or vaping flower that was grown organically. The purpose for this comes down to 1 word: flavor. These who have encounter increasing generate like tomatoes typically really feel substantially the very same way. Synthetic fertilizers merely do not reduce it in the flavor division. Some men and women with keen cannabis palates can detect synthetic nutrients versus organic nutrients in blind taste test of the very same strain.

If attainable, cannabis growers must discover how to build a compost pile, for the reason that there’s no far better option for actually organic nutrients. Very best of all, it is totally free, and if the grower correctly maintains the compost pile, there is a standard provide of “black gold” that causes cannabis plants to perk up and thrive. Compost feeds the soil, so getting an organic soil mix must often be component of compost cultivation ideal practices. A great organic soil mix must include components like bat guano, earthworm castings, kelp meal, coco coir, perlite, blood meal, and other all-natural components. Recall that for ideal benefits, get started every develop with fresh soil.

Organic soil mixes must be the beginning point for growers regardless of no matter if or not they can supplement with compost later on. Soil additives that are practically 100-% organic can be identified in bottle options, and some of them yield really great benefits.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Lighting

Severe cannabis growers must often get the ideal increasing gear they can afford. However, standard focus to lighting is normally ignored for the very simple purpose that lights will continue to offer illumination properly immediately after their optimum light production ceases, but the grower does not recognize that reality. This is especially accurate with higher-intensity discharge lights (HIDs) like metal halide and higher-stress sodium lights, and significantly less accurate for light-emitting diode (LED) lights, which are identified for lasting longer.

Replacing light bulbs must happen immediately after each and every second or third develop. When lights are operating at their maximum levels, plant improvement and yield will attain its complete prospective. Old light bulbs merely will not carry out at their preceding levels, and the preceding spectrum of light and its brightness will fade. This may perhaps not be apparent and visible to the naked eye, but it happens nonetheless.

Light bulbs also must acquire a correct dusting and cleaning with a moist rag when the lights are off and at a cool temperature. Even though a correct develop region must be kept tidy, you will be shocked at the dust and grime that can be wiped from develop-light bulbs in between grows. That dust and grime is stopping the light rays to completely penetrate and attain the plants, which is precisely exactly where they must be going. Not adequate growers replace and clean their lights. You may perhaps be shocked at the distinction it tends to make.

Harvest Time

To completely express themselves to their complete prospective, plants need to mature to their optimum level of ripeness. Harvest time is the most thrilling time of the develop, for the reason that it is the culmination of a lot of tough operate. For the reason that you want to maximize the potency of your flowers, you want to choose the ideal attainable day to harvest.

Buy a fundamental, tiny, hand-held magnifying glass (a photography loupe performs completely). Begin observing the trichomes on your plants when you notice the calyxes beginning to turn from white to orange or red. Trichomes will develop longer as they turn from clear to opaque to amber in 3 phases.

The correct time to harvest can variety based on the grower. You want to have a key percentage of the trichomes to have turned amber when you harvest, but some cannabis cultivators like to harvest a small earlier than other folks if maximizing flavor is a major target. The terpenes do modify through the final stages of flower development. For instance, Lemon Skunk (DNA Genetics) harvested a week early will have far more of a citrusy lemonade aroma and flavor than if harvested later when the flavor will nevertheless taste like lemons but will also have a danker, skunky flavor present. There is actually no suitable or incorrect answer to what stage is ideal for this strain. It actually depends on the preference and target of the grower.

Right Remedy

The final measure—but 1 of the most important—you can take to maximize the flavor of your cannabis flower is the curing procedure. A lot of growers fail to make the most of their harvested flower by undertaking a significantly less-than-ideal remedy.

The curing of cannabis must be carried out in two methods, the initial drying and the final, slow remedy. The drying of freshly reduce and trimmed flower must take around 5 days at a temperature of about 65-70 degrees (Fahrenheit) and 45-55 % humidity. When dry, the flower must go in jars for a slow, correct remedy that requires a number of weeks. The jars stay open at initial but stay sealed for increasingly lengthy periods of time as the remedy progresses. Sealed and tucked away in a cool, dark spot as well early, and the flower may perhaps retain as well substantially moisture, which can lead to mildew that will ruin the otherwise-outstanding buds..

The soonest flower must be smoked immediately after becoming dried and cured is about 1 month. A great six-to-eight-week remedy is a substantially far better practice for guaranteeing smooth, wealthy, flavorful smoke. Flower cured rapidly at larger temperature and decrease humidity will outcome in smoke that is harsh and lacks outstanding flavor. To attain its complete prospective, it demands a correct remedy that requires time. Some great factors cannot be rushed.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of crucial factors that a grower can do to maximize the flavor of his or her flower. Increasing cannabis correctly is anything that requires time, and there is some mastering involved in the procedure. Cannabis cultivation is a really worthwhile pursuit, and if anything is worth undertaking, it is worth undertaking properly. Steer clear of popular error by following the advise in this short article and you will love the ideal attainable flavor your cannabis flowers can generate.


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