Cracking Down on Illegal Pot Sales


Green Goddess on Primary Street just off the Venice Boardwalk. Photo: Joe Fasbinder.

Los Angeles to shut down water and energy to unlicensed dispensaries&nbsp

Smell that?

That is springtime on Venice Beach. Sunscreen, human sweat, cotton candy and the aroma of marijuana.

Working with pot on the Boardwalk is illegal. Assume any one cares?

The City of Los Angeles cares. Even if no one is going to come get you for noodling a small weed on Venice Beach, persons who deal in money cash want to know exactly where your reefer comes from.

When it comes to the marijuana trade, you will notice that not really several persons do not want to inform you their complete name. That is almost certainly excusable contemplating that you are dealing with a solution whose really possession was most likely to bring private dishonor, and perhaps even a fine and a misdemeanor conviction, in the Undesirable Old Days.

Chris at Green Goddess on Primary Street just off the Venice Boardwalk keeps his private facts to himself. But that does not imply he is ashamed of operating in a single of the Westside’s most significant legal marijuana operations.

He just desires a lot of the other pot shops to dry up and disappear.

Actually dry up.

In July, the Los Angeles Division of Water and Energy is going to have the legal duty to shut off water and electrical energy to an estimated 150-plus marijuana dispensaries operating in Los Angeles — operating with no a license. The notion is to place them out of organization.

“It’s about time,” Chris stated, who sits by the entrance of the Green Goddess, a genuine medicinal/recreational pot dispensary in Venice. The sign outdoors says plainly, “Peace, Really like and Flower Energy.” Peace as in mellow, laid back and comfortably stoned. Not illegal.

“We’ve been in organization due to the fact the starting, a single of the very first 134 licensed pot dealerships operating beneath Proposition T,” which legalized marijuana for healthcare use in California in 2006.

Green Goddess has to compete with shops that do not provide the City the niceties that come with legal, regulated operation, primarily a 15 % tax on marijuana sales, along with what ever sales tax is involved.

As you have almost certainly noticed, on billboards, t-shirts, banners, bumper stickers and everywhere else, pot is legal for medicinal as effectively as recreational use. The distinction amongst the two requires a doctor’s prescription and a distinction in sale value for the leaves in query.

You do need to have a license to sell it. A lot of persons on the youth-oriented locales on the Westside are satisfied to sell. But they do not have licenses from the City. And due to the fact they do not have licenses, they can sell less costly than their licensed counterparts.

Starting in July, Los Angeles is fighting back. In February, the City Council directed the City Lawyer to draft an ordinance aimed at acquiring unlicensed sellers out of the shops and out of organization.

The notion is this: As of July, City inspectors are going to go about and shut down the water and electrical energy at shops that do not have the suitable paperwork that enables them to sell marijuana.

It tends to make sense. Licensed marijuana, for recreational use anyway, is topic to a 15 % tax, on leading of what you spend in sales tax. The guy who has a van on Venice Blvd. does not.

Doc, who has adequate cash to just operate as he pleases, notes that a lot of pot shops are just going to do what weed-vendors have been carrying out all more than the state.

They’re just going to mellow out. Watch and wait whilst their head shops get shut down. Then they’ll move their operation to yet another place a handful of doors down and reopen, once again with no getting to spend taxes.

The Division of Water and Energy has sent about notifications that it plans to move in on unlicensed pot operations as quickly as the City Division of Cannabis Regulation provides the word.

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Published: April 08, 2019

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