Fox News Marijuana Straw Man on Legalization?

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With a sort of marijuana legalization on the ballot in California as Proposition 19 this November, it really is not surprising to see our pals at Fox selecting up the pace on the marijuana misinformation in a series referred to as “Going to Pot” that incorporated a segment rebutting a straw man argument for marijuana legalization with a quite weak anti-legalization argument and went on to spread a series of anti- marijuana myths though purporting to debunk pro-legalization “myths” as I show in this video.

The clips I use of Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade interviewing Bishop Ron Allen come from a segment on the Fox News plan “Fox and Mates” broadcast on August 28, 2010, which is out there on the internet at

The image I use of my July 2007 video titled “Fox News Gets Reefer Madness More than So-Named Killer Marijuana” comes from the YouTube player web page at

The pictures I use of “Yes on 19” facts on California marijuana arrests come from the webpage at

The charts I use of displaying racial discrimination in California marijuana arrests come from the Drug Policy Alliance webpage at

And, lastly, the truth sheet I show debunking marijuana myths about becoming overly potent and a “gateway drug” comes from the Drug Policy Alliance webpage at

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