Dogs Of Instagram: Old English Sheepdog


The Old English Sheepdog is the stereotypical shaggy dog. It does not shed, but its hair continues to develop! The Old English is identified for its peek-a-boo hairdo, mellow nature, and bear like stature. Only immediately after shedding its puppy coat does the Old English mature into its shaggy adulthood. Underneath the double coat is a muscular breed with a huge rump, standing 21-22 inches tall and weighing as substantially as 100 pounds. Although it does not shed, to keep its coat, the breed should be effectively brushed a single to 3 hours each a single to 3 weeks. Otherwise, it’ll turn into a matted, dirty, dusty mess.

Right here, we spend tribute to 5 of the most effectively-groomed Old English Sheepdogs on Instagram.


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King Henry


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