A difficult-hitting hybrid strain if ever there was 1, Mendo Breath’s sweet aroma may well appear like a “breath” of fresh air at 1st, but do not let it fool you, this strain is potent!

What is the Mendo Breath Strain?

Mendo Breath is an indica-dominant, clone-only hybrid strain. Gage Green Genetics bred this strain by crossing OG Kush Breath with Mendo Montage. Though Mendo Breath is recognized for its deliciously sweet aroma and flavor, which may well appear inviting and innocent, do not be fooled, this strain packs a punch.

Mendo Breath weed has an typical THC content material of amongst 19%-20% which is offset by a substantially a lot more modest CBD level of .11%. Mendo Breath’s initial cerebral higher begins powerful and comes on speedy just before mellowing out, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and, in some circumstances, exceptionally couch-locked.

Mendo Breath Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Look

It is difficult not to be enticed by the beautifully aromatic blend of sweet scents emanating from this fragrant strain. Mendo Breath is recognized for getting 1 of the most deliciously sweet cannabis strains out there, with powerful vanilla and caramel aromas offset by subtler hints of earthy and pungent fragrances.

Not only does Mendo Breath smell fantastic, but it also tastes scrumptious, also. Smokers of this strain will appreciate its wonderfully sweet taste, which has been compared to candy due to its pleasing vanilla and caramel flavors. Mendo Breath also has other milder but discernible flavors such as pepper and lemon, but these pale in comparison to its stronger, sweet taste. Smokers of Mendo Breath weed advise working with a flower vape to get the greatest taste knowledge feasible.

Look-smart, a Mendo Breath plant produces a dense coating of heavily-frosted, mint green buds. Vibrant orange pistils develop prominently amongst the leaves, complementing the purple calyxes beautifully.

Mendo Breath Strain Develop Information

Mendo Breath is a clone-only strain, so having your hands on clippings of this plant can be rather difficult. If you are fortunate sufficient to supply some Mendo weed clippings from a mature plant, then you will be relieved to study that this strain is categorized as an effortless 1 to develop. Mendo Breath can be grown each indoors and outdoors, but this plant thrives in a warm, dry, sunny climate akin to California.

Your aim when increasing a Mendo Breath plant ought to be to boost its terpene content material to maximize these deliciously sweet flavors and aromas. By working with a complicated, healthful soil semi-wealthy in important nutrients, this will enable to nourish the plant for the duration of its various stages of development. There are super soil mixes in a bag which you can obtain for about twenty to thirty bucks, or you could attempt your hand at developing your personal.

Alternatively, you can present the Mendo Breath plant with some of the important macronutrients it requirements for the duration of its various stages of development. You can commence by applying above-typical levels of nitrogen in the vegetative stage followed by higher levels of phosphorus and potassium when in the flowering stage to enable maximize its terpene content material.

A Mendo Breath plant is of medium height. Consistency smart, a Mendo Breath plant has been described as compact and gummy, which can be a tiny difficult when you are dissecting by hand. The flowering period for Mendo Breath is amongst 7-9 weeks, with October getting the best month for outside harvesting. Growers of Mendo Breath can anticipate an typical yield of about three ounces per square foot.

Healthcare Positive aspects of the Mendo Breath Strain

The fantastic point about this strain is that it provides several advantages to the medicinal as nicely as the recreational cannabis smoker. Mendo Breath is really efficient at relieving painful circumstances such as arthritis and muscular discomfort. The deep feeling of relaxation seasoned following smoking Mendo Breath weed tends to make this strain an great decision for everyone hunting to de-strain and unwind following a lengthy and busy day.

Mendo Breath’s cerebral higher and uplifting effects also present short-term relief for individuals suffering from mood issues such as depression and anxiousness. Mendo Breath is regarded as to be a really efficient therapy for individuals who have insomnia due to its indica genetics which deeply loosen up each physique and thoughts. This strain is recognized to make individuals really sleepy following the initial euphoric higher has worn off.

Probable Side Effects of the Mendo Breath Strain

Mendo Breath’s potent THC level has confirmed also substantially for some cannabis smokers. Novice smokers unaccustomed to strains with greater typical THC contents have reported experiencing headaches following smoking Mendo Breath weed.

An additional important side impact of smoking Mendo Breath is the dreaded couch-lock impact, which will leave you feeling also stoned to function effectively. This is why most Mendo Breath smokers advise smoking this strain later in the evening when you have no other plans created so that you can really feel totally free to loosen up and appreciate the buzz for a even though just before laying down for a restful night’s sleep.

Mendo Breath’s a lot more popular and significantly less inhibiting side effects include things like the regular dry mouth impact. Smokers of this strain price this as ten out of ten as an adverse side impact, so it is advisable to have a bottle of water nearby, and preferably just before the couch-lock impact kicks in.

Other popular side effects include things like dry eyes, and some Mendo Breath weed smokers have reported feeling slightly a lot more anxious, a tiny dizzy, and even mildly paranoid from smoking this strain. Nonetheless, if you are a a lot more seasoned cannabis smoker, and as lengthy as you do not overindulge, then you are unlikely to knowledge any of these adverse effects.

Final Thoughts on the Mendo Breath Strain

Mendo Breath provides several advantages to each recreational and medicinal cannabis smokers due to its uplifting higher and discomfort-relieving, relaxing effects. This strain is 1 of the greatest tasting and beautifully fragrant out there, also. It is a strain which is absolutely greater suited to a lot more seasoned cannabis smokers due to its potency, so novice smokers ought to possibly stay clear of this 1.

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