LAS VEGAS — Has your dispensary been searching to simplify? Budtenders are an invaluable resource for new clients, but how are you paving the way to a easy transaction with your repeat clients? We have the answer for you. The Badass Budtender kiosk series can handle money and card payments, scan consumer ID’s, comes with a robust menu which includes pictures and content material and so substantially a lot more.

We have sought out the very best-in-class partners to provide the industry’s premium cannabis kiosk series. At the moment, we offer you 3 (three) distinct upright models, and two (two) sit-down tabletop models for lobby location and quickly-to-be lounges, exactly where clients can sit and total their transactions.

“It is extremely essential to us that we are enriching the consumer practical experience even though giving worthwhile selection generating information analytics.” Etien Alcantara CEO 420 Cyber
Badass Budtender™ series enriches your consumer practical experience even though combining the sleek, modern day lines with deep interior enclosure space to property a very transactional element set. The familiar style supports fast user adoption and invites an intuitive practical experience for today’s connected customers.
Badass Budtender™ has more than 115,000 SKU’s, pictures and information delivering an agnostic seamless integration in actual-time.
The Badass Budtender™ interactive touch screen show powered by our exclusive very best-in-class partners agnostic options improve any cannabis retail guest practical experience with actual-time information analytics which includes sentiment.

Enrolled clients facial ID can assistance detect “loopers,” generate simpler egress into retailers at verify-in, and generate worthwhile advertising and marketing analytics for suppliers at point of sale.

Brands now have a a lot more highly effective insights to assistance drive lift, brand awareness, and differentiation.

This cloud-primarily based technologies makes it possible for brand and category managers to transform and alter inventive messages more rapidly than ever prior to with a user-friendly CMS building an fascinating and progressive in-shop practical experience.

For cannabis retailers, Badass Budtender™ are a SaaS answer can also be tied into CCTV screens.


More than a decade ago, we co-founded a profitable and ongoing darknet intelligence business, thwarting cybercrime and terrorism.

Our founders recognized the legal cannabis business and ancillary businesses’ require to be compliant in their cybersecurity applications as properly as proactively defend their clients and investment.

We have curated a complete-suite of cybersecurity items and kiosks for cannabis organizations and/or ancillary enterprise to exceed nearby regulatory compliance requirements and push forward to a national and international level.

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