New Jersey requirements to add 50 to 90 health-related cannabis dispensaries in the subsequent 3 years and additional cultivation facilities to preserve pace with existing industry demand, according to a state report issued this week that holds out the possibility of more MMJ company possibilities.

The report, released by the New Jersey Division of Overall health, mentioned the state’s six vertically operated corporations practically doubled their revenues from $29 million in 2017 to $53 million in 2018.

The quantity of sufferers has surged 150% because January 2018, to additional than 42,000.

Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration currently has taken actions to expand the health-related cannabis industry by adding qualifying health-related circumstances and issuing six more licenses for vertically-integrated corporations.

Murphy not too long ago mentioned he desires to continue to expand the industry as a backup program right after state lawmakers’ recent failure to pass legislation legalizing recreational marijuana.

If adult-use had been to pass later this year, it is unclear how that improvement would effect the health-related cannabis dispensary forecast.

In mature rec marijuana states, MMJ sales sooner or later decline. But it would take numerous years for the New Jersey adult-use industry to attain maturity.

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