BioTrackTHC is an sector-top seed-to-sale inventory management and dispensary point-of-sale (POS) computer software especially created for the cannabis sector. With its introduction in 2010, BioTrackTHC was the initially cannabis POS method to integrate each vertical and sort of license in the cannabis sector into a single tracking tool.

These days, BioTrackTHC gives cultivation tracking, processing/manufacturing tracking, and compliance tracking across the cannabis provide chain, as properly as cannabis dispensary POS computer software options to clientele in 34 states, seven nations, and nine government traceability contracts.

BioTrackTHC has been subscribing to the Cannabiz Media License Database for a year, and I spoke with Jeff Gonring, Director of Advertising Communications, and Steve Flaks, Vice President of Sales, to understand much more about how BioTrackTHC makes use of the information accessible in the License Database to obtain its ambitions.

Why Does BioTrackTHC Subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

BioTrackTHC subscribes to the Cannabiz Media License Database to help its sales and promoting efforts. “Coming from other industries,” shares Jeff, “I know there are tools out there to assist companies attain choice-makers. When BioTrack was browsing for a sales tool, we discovered that the Cannabiz Media License Database alleviates the dilemma of acquiring to cannabis sector choice makers. It is a terrific tool with a terrific reputation, and we adore the reliability of the information. Cannabiz Media is the initially firm to get precise information for us, so we can concentrate on our initiatives.”

Obtaining the capacity to access existing data about cannabis license holders enables BioTrackTHC to create and implement focused methods rapidly and effectively. “We’ve been capable to hit the ground operating in new markets, which is very useful,” explains Steve. “For instance, we wouldn’t have had a way to market our item at events in Oklahoma as the state got its cannabis plan up and operating without the need of the Cannabiz Media License Database.”

BioTrackTHC leverages the targeting and e mail promoting attributes in the License Database to move prospects by means of the sales funnel, engage with them successfully, and escalate leads to sales calls as acceptable. “Using the License Database, we can target choice makers by license and business enterprise sort as properly as by issues like income,” says Jeff. “We can also track who has viewed and opened our messages, which assists with adhere to up messages. It makes it possible for us to see who is engaged and refine our method to strengthen outcomes.”

The group at BioTrackTHC also makes use of some exceptional attributes in the Cannabiz Media License Database to do their jobs. “The mapping tool tends to make it simple to see issues and assists us concentrate our prospecting tactic visually and effectively,” says Steve.

“Our sales group also utilizes the news and updates sent by Cannabiz Media. Since of the alerts, we can contact clientele and prospects appropriate away to re-engage them,” Steve explains. “For instance, a sales individual can contact a prospect and say, ‘I just study about this news taking place in your location,’ which is a terrific way to commence a conversation.”

A single of the most exceptional advantages that BioTrackTHC has gained from the Cannabis Media License Database is validation of its industry share and position as the sector leader. Jeff explains, “The majority of our sector is in the private sector, so it is tough to prove industry share and every company’s position in the sector. The License Database permitted us to validate each our industry share in POS for the cannabis sector and our position as industry leader.”

What’s Subsequent for Cannabiz Media and BioTrackTHC?

BioTrackTHC will be launching version two. of its computer software item this summer time and expects it to take the U.S. by storm. Jeff, Steve, and the BioTrackTHC group appear forward to accessing much more granular information from the Cannabiz Media License Database and functioning with Cannabiz Media on new possibilities in the future.

At the similar time, the Cannabiz Media group will continue to provide trustworthy, up-to-date information to BioTrackTHC and all of its subscribers as properly as create new attributes in the License Database to present the granular information and robust functionality that organizations operating in and with the cannabis sector require to be effective.

To understand what the Cannabiz Media License Database can do for your business enterprise, schedule a absolutely free demo.