I’ve been smoking because I was 18. I went from locking my weed, pipes, and accessories from inside a lock box, to a ziploc bag, to a shoe a box. I was in no way happy till really lately. That was when I came across the box known as “MedBoxLA.” A mutual pal of mine basically sold me a single of the initial prototypes.

What is particular about these beautifully developed lacquer box is that it is created for marijuana, particularly these that felt a tiny boujee and wanted a good center piece. For these of you that do not know what lacquer is, lacquer is the shiny and stunning layer painted onto the box itself.

It homes 1 grinder, two generic cannisters of weed, space for random accessories like rolling papers, lighters, pipes, and so forth.

Not only do I have a new stunning center piece, but I also have my weed hidden just an arms length away.

What do you guys believe?