THE BINGUS YOUTUBE CHANNEL is Intended for Educational Purposes and Documentary of Legal Health-related Cannabis Increasing and Improved Cannabis Awareness. You Have to be of Legal Age in Your Nation or State to View this Educational Content material. BINGUS is the Co-Host of The Grand Master Level Show, every single Friday @ five:00pm pst.

WARNING!!! This YouTube Web page is intended for these of Legal age and is for Educational purposes only.

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Definition of Bingus from the Urban Dictionary:
bingus (n): weed
bingused (adv/adj): stoned
bingusing (v): smoking weed
bingus (v): smoke weed
(n.) y’all got some bingus?
(adv.) hey i was bingused gimme a break, huh?
(inf v.) bingusing in automobiles. it is what we do.
(v.) let’s go bingus, eh?

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