Winery owner turns to hemp to save his vineyard


LEBANON, Pa. (AP) — When William Hartmann opened Royal Oaks Vineyard & Winery in North Cornwall Township, Lebanon County, it was like a dream come accurate.

Increasing cannabis plants? That was never ever component of the dream.

“Persons who I know that dabbled in that stuff believe it is a joke for the reason that I am undertaking it,” he mentioned.

Desperate occasions, even though, contact for desperate measures. A dispute with the township forced Hartmann to shut down component of his business enterprise and place his complete vineyard in jeopardy.

By turning to the potentially profitable but unstable planet of not too long ago legalized industrial hemp, Hartmann knows he’s taking a danger — a single people today close to him urged him not to take. But if it pays off, it may give him the dollars he requires to hold his winery.

Even though marijuana legalization gets most of the press, it is significantly less psychoactive cousin, hemp, has quietly undergone its personal revival.

Hemp can be grown for its fibrous stalks or its leaves. Compared to marijuana, its leaves include a reduce percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient, and a greater percentage of cannabidiol ( CBD), the compound believed – with varying levels of scientific assistance – to support with seizures, discomfort relief, anxiousness and even acne.

Hemp also has the prospective to make a lot of dollars. In reality, CBD has come to be such a trendy ingredient in wellness foods and oils that there is a industry for scam wellness goods claiming untruthfully to include it, according to Geoff Whaling, president of the Pennsylvania Hemp Market Council. One particular study identified that $534 million of CBD oil was sold in the United States final year.

The December 2018 federal farm bill lifted restrictions on expanding hemp, which has Pennsylvania farmers seeing green. There had been only 40 permits to develop hemp granted by the Pennsylvania Division of Agriculture in 2018, but this year there are 120 growers in a variety of stages of the permitting course of action, according to division spokeswoman Shannon Powers.

“There is a dollars grab going on correct now,” Whaling mentioned. “Persons see the chance to make a lot of dollars on CBD.”

For Hartmann, it may be a final opportunity.

The dispute in between Royal Oaks and N. Cornwall Twp.

Hartmann’s winding journey to cannabis crops started with wine when he visited a vineyard and winery in Harrisburg exactly where a friend’s band was playing.

“I believed, ‘this is genuinely neat.’ And so that sort of began churning in my thoughts, and then I believed, you know, I could do this,” he mentioned.

He started expanding grapes in 2009, and now has about 700 vines on his house off Royal Road in North Cornwall Township.

As the business enterprise grew, he took out a loan to obtain a neighboring five-acre lot, preparing to expand the vineyard and develop a tasting area. He applied his currently-current vineyard as collateral. He was initially going to develop a roadside stand to sell his wine but was encouraged in 2013 by people today in North Cornwall Township leadership at the time to extend it into a complete-blown tasting area with expanded parking and a stage for music, he mentioned.

The tasting area opened in 2017, featuring acoustic music nights, open mic nights, and events such as a lobster fest.

“This was a dream for a lengthy time, and I’ve poured totally every little thing and then some into it,” he mentioned.

His bubble burst in August 2017 when the township issued a cease and desist order forbidding music and events at the tasting area and the sale of wine from off the premises. The order occurred amid neighborhood complaints about noise and parking, while Hartmann says these issues have been exaggerated.


“This was a dream for a lengthy time, and I’ve poured totally every little thing and then some into it.”


Hartmann was in a position to hold his tasting area open – while devoid of music – even though he unsuccessfully contested the order. (Lebanon County Court of Popular Pleas Judge John Tylwalk agreed with the township in a Jan. 22 opinion that his tasting area is not an accessory to an agricultural operation but a industrial business enterprise not permitted in an agricultural zone. Hartmann mentioned he plans to appeal.)

In November 2018, the township issued an order to vacate his tasting area developing, saying it was unsafe and the original occupancy permit had been issued in error. He’s preparing to fight that as properly but knows it will be a lengthy and arduous job even if effective.

That indicates he has nowhere to sell wine, and cannot make sufficient dollars to spend off his loan for the additional 5 acres. He now faces foreclosure proceedings, and his collateral – which includes the vineyard itself – could be in jeopardy, he mentioned.

Not straightforward to develop hemp in Pennsylvania

Hartmann mentioned he was attracted to hemp for a single purpose: dollars. If points go properly, he’ll take his plants in the fall to a processor that will extract the CBD oil.

He hopes to make sufficient profit to spend his debt and save his vineyard – but he knows he’s taking on a lot of danger. He does not have any expertise with hemp, and it is hard to even obtain trusted details due to the fact Pennsylvania is just beginning to develop hemp once again.

“They do not know the expanding circumstances right here,” he mentioned.

Even scarier, if his crop exceeds .three % THC, he would be legally essential to destroy it. He’s nonetheless figuring out the most effective way to monitor THC levels in his crop so that does not occur, he mentioned.

A further danger comes on the buying side, specialists mentioned.

The industry is not established to the extent that purchasers will assure payment up front, so a producer whose crop does not function out could be left devoid of a income supply, mentioned Jeffrey Graybill, an extension educator at the Penn State Extension in Lancaster County who has been involved in hemp development for study purposes. Each Graybill and Whaling cautioned that the rush to get in on the hemp industry could rapidly develop an overabundance of CBD, causing rates to drop.

“Farmers should really be quite cautious,” Whaling mentioned.

Nevertheless, there is prospective to make dollars and the crop can develop properly in Pennsylvania, Graybill mentioned.

“The plant itself should really be properly-adjusted to this climate,” he mentioned.

Applying hemp to spend the bills

Even though Hartmann will be applying some of his ground to plant hemp, he will nonetheless be keeping his vines – and he is not preparing to abandon his original passion project.

“My objective is to get the winery back up and operating. This is just a indicates of attempting to spend for it, in fact,” he mentioned. “This is my final work.”

In the meantime, he’ll be pleased if the plants he grows can support other Pennsylvanians.

“Every thing I’ve discovered about it, it is a harmless plant. I’ve never ever been into pot, but I’ve never ever been against it,” he mentioned.

And perhaps, like a fine wine, he’ll like hemp extra and extra as time goes by.


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