I operate in healthcare as an RN in a federal hospital. I reside in Denver so because marijuana is nonetheless federally Illegal I can not participate on my off time. I have taken antidepressants, antipsychotics, and prescribed benzos to aid with my concerns and they do not operate and they mess with my metabolism. Will I ever be capable to smoke once again if they federally legalize MJ? I am totally accountable, I do not even care if they drug test me immediately after they totally legalize but at least use a mouth swab test that can detect current use, rather of a urine test that can scale back 30 days or far more. I am really proud of becoming an RN but I have to admit some days are difficult and I require to loosen up to go to bed. I’m so concerned about preserving my judgement and memory that I would only partake immediately after a shift, and I wouldn’t smoke at least two or three days just before my subsequent 1. This is if MJ becomes legalI I’m clearly totally sober. I just want a healthful discussion since I’m not totally effectively versed in politics. It is just unfair and unfounded that I hear my coworker RNs speak about how they’re going to get plastered with liquor when they get off and come back the subsequent morning, even even though it need to be inappropriate it is completely legal and normalized.