Whether or not you are just getting introduced to marijuana or you are an professional who knows every thing about this great herb, the initial issue you need to have to make a decision on is how you will consume it.

Will you consume it as an edible, probably as aspect of a delectable chocolate bar, or smoke it in a joint or bong? The alternatives are each thrilling and potentially confusing. Particularly as it relates to bongs.

Bongs come in a wide variety of diverse shapes, sizes, and styles to opt for from, so to preserve it from receiving also overwhelming, we’ve compiled this guide to assistance you in your search for the ideal match.


Bongs and water pipes come in a lot of diverse styles and shapes, every single distinct to what you will be utilizing it for, and how usually you will use it. The most usually utilised forms are beaker and straight tube bongs. In distinguishing the two, you will notice that beaker bongs are wider at the base and straight tube bongs have a smaller sized base.

If you are hunting to continually take big hits every single time you smoke, a beaker bong is usually your greater selection. This version will enable you to can add additional water to achieve the objective.

In contrast, straight tube bongs use significantly less water, which in turn, produces smaller sized hits. You have to spend focus to this when producing your selection mainly because based on what you want to do with it, picking out the incorrect bong can influence the functionality of it.

Recap of Bong Forms:

  • Carburator

  • Straight-tube

  • Beacker-shaped


Particularly with your initial bong, it is significant to assume about your lung capacity. It sounds apparent, but it tends to make a big distinction in your smoking expertise. If a bong has also a lot of percolators or is also tall for you to inhale and clear, then you will lack the payoff of the expertise.

If you are unable to clear your bong in a single hit, you will be left with stale smoke, which has an unpleasant taste. If a bong is larger and the mouthpiece is also wide, it inhibits your handle of the hit. It is significant to invest in anything you will be capable to use and be comfy with, specifically given that you will most likely use it usually. If it is your initial time taking into consideration a bong for smoking pleasure, we propose you study this.


Most bongs do not come inexpensive, and when there are significantly less highly-priced alternatives, the greatest function to appear for is glass high-quality. This suggests a lot of factors, but largely it suggests to spend focus to the thickness of the glass.

There are also two forms of glass, “soft” and “hard”, which dictate the functionality and longevity of your bong. Soft glass comes in a selection of colors and styles, and when versatile, also comes with a more affordable cost tag. Really hard glass is denser and thicker, with significantly less of a likelihood of breaking. This is why challenging glass bongs are created with borosilicate glass, which, when additional highly-priced, do not break as effortlessly as soft glass.

With regards to thickness, it is significant to note that you need to have anything that will hold up for years and anything that feels sturdy and sturdy in your hand.

Other Material Selections Could Involve:

  • Bamboo

  • Metal

  • Ceramic

  • Plastic


1st, take into consideration your atmosphere and how usually you will use it and with whom. Will you use it as soon as a week? A day? Just about every day of the week? Also, you have to think about if you will be utilizing it as your personal individual piece or sharing it with other individuals when they come more than to watch Netflix and consume pizza?

When pondering about the frequency of use, it is significant to bear in mind that bongs need cleaning and upkeep. If you are pondering of investing in a single, be mindful of the sort of individual you are in regards to upkeep. If you have a tendency to be additional of a lazy individual, just bear in mind to be sensible and realistic.

Be mindful, also, of how huge your bong will be and how you will be capable to carry it, deal with it, and even travel with it. And bear in mind, if you take care of your bong, it will take care of you.


Percolators assistance diffuse and filter your smoke, which provides way to an much easier smoking expertise. There are a lot of diverse forms that diffuse in diverse techniques. If you are smoking with dry herbs, you will need to have to use a water pipe, which is indicative of additional percs, which permits for cooling and filtration.

Some of the most well-known forms of percs are honeycomb, showerhead, swiss, inline and tornado, to name a couple of. Some bongs include a single percolator and other folks include many. As stated above, percolators are tied to lung capacity. So, the additional percolators a piece has, additional function from your lungs will be expected to clear it.


The issue that adds to a bong’s versatility is its capability to be customized. This suggests that it could match any aesthetic you are hunting for. There is an ash catcher which traps ash and eases the smoking expertise, by providing additional filtration and cooling. In addition to physical attachments, there are also diverse styles.

Some have intricate, additional individual styles when other folks come in shapes related to diverse animals or characters. In terms of customization, there seriously is no limit to it, which permits you to have a divine smoking expertise. It is all up to you.


Deciding upon a bong is an significant investment. It is anything that you will have for life if you are fortunate. It is significant, as with most investments, to take into consideration your spending budget, your level of expertise, and what specifically you will use it for. Be wise about it and make positive you are carrying out every thing feasible to have the most effective and great smoking expertise.

Whether or not you are smoking for your personal individual improvement or with a group of pals, make a decision what you want and be cognizant of who you are smoking with. If you spend focus to all these points, you will discover the ideal bong for you that will be a match created in marijuana heaven. Give your herb smoke sesh a increase by checking out our complete line of bong merchandise right here.

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