U.S. firm plans $five.eight million factory to make ‘HempWood’


A Maryland, USA organization says it will invest $five.eight million in a factory in Kentucky to make HempWood, an “eco-friendly timber” that makes use of hemp fiber to make a wood-like material.

The organization, Fibonacci LLC, mentioned it has secured a lease on an 11,000 sq. ft. facility in western Kentucky and plans to commence production this summer season. Fibonacci owner Greg Wilson mentioned he has contracted for delivery of extra than 800 tons of hemp stalks from Kentucky growers to get operations up and operating.

‘Mimicking’ oak

The processing is primarily based on an algorithm that mimics the development cycle and attributes of an oak tree, according to Wilson, and determines hardness, density and stability.

Benefits of hemp more than wood involve a a lot faster developing time and higher density in the material which can be utilized for a wide variety of applications which ordinarily are primarily based on wood, such as furnishings and flooring.

HempWood items will be in the kind of blocks, pre-reduce boards, flooring, cutting boards and skateboards at costs less costly than these for oak items, the organization mentioned.

Tax incentives

Fibonacci received $300,000 in tax incentives from the Kentucky Financial Improvement Finance Authority.

Based on the firm’s efficiency, Fibonacci could preserve some of its investment by meeting job and investment targets. The organization expects to employ 25 folks, and will advantage from totally free recruitment and job placement solutions from the Kentucky Abilities Network.

“This hardwood option opens up new possibilities inside the building and woodworking industries and emphasizes the capabilities hemp has across many sectors,” Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin mentioned of the startup.


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