Berkshire CBD Overview (In-Depth [High Quality CBD Flower])


My Berkshire CBD Overview And Evaluation

I’d like to note that for every single one particular of Berkshire CBD’s strains I have attempted, I utilized a dry herb vaporizer to test it out. I will note the temperatures I vaped these strains at (these are not encouraged temperatures or something, they are all subjective to me and what I enjoyed vaping at). For every single strain, I will analyze the Appear, Scent, Taste, and Effects.

All the flower I received came in a vacuum sealed pouch which didn’t leak any scent.

Pine Berry

three.five grams Price tag: $19.95

Vaped at 410 degrees F. No seeds have been present.

Tasting Notes (as noted on the package): Douglas Fir, Lemon, Diesel

Berkshire CBD Pineberry Lab test
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These have been some gorgeous buds with some good trichomes and orange hairs visible. Good texture, they had the ideal quantity of moisture.

Berkshire CBD Pineberry Bud


It smelled slightly earthy, grassy and citrusy. It was extremely good, light and airy.


This strain to me tasted extremely leathery and earthy. The diesel note tasted predominant. It was a small creamy on the finish notes. I tasted a small bit of the pine as effectively. General it was a quite smooth taste. The citrus kicked in as an aftertaste.


Pine berry seemed to operate deep in the physique the most. I felt a deep unwind reaching my bones. It was as if any tension in my physique melted away. It was truly soothing.

As far as anxiousness was concerned, it did lessen my anxiousness as effectively and later calmed my thoughts and gave me a serene feeling. To place it in musical terms, my thoughts went from getting heavy metal to getting relaxing classical music.

For sleep, I didn’t truly notice a significant distinction, I had an typical evening of sleep.


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