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The otherwise superb short article on cannabis pondering (Can we all chill out about cannabis? Not really but, Journal, 25 March) misses a couple of points. Initial is that industrial cannabis can be regulated to contain precise labels about its strength and balance in between THC and CBD, as a result informing shoppers. Presently we have a predicament akin to that noticed in the prohibition-era US, exactly where drinkers of alcohol had no thought of the strength of the moonshine they have been consuming, and their overall health suffered. Now individuals know irrespective of whether they are drinking wine or port. Uncomplicated labelling can sort this out.

Then there is the truth that our present legislation has failed by performing far a lot more harm than excellent, with tens of thousands of lives broken by criminality, imprisonment and the collateral harm to household and neighborhood life. For improved or worse, intoxication appears to be a fundamentally human trait: bring it out into the open, regulate, educate and then tax it so the expenses of the harm to susceptible men and women can be met by the mass of collective shoppers. We do that for tobacco and alcohol. Now is time for the far significantly less damaging cannabis to join the celebration.
Dr Colin Bannon
Crapstone, Devon

Re your report (Stronger cannabis linked to elevated threat of psychosis, 20 March), there is tiny doubt now about the association in between cannabis and mental overall health, but the threat is modest in comparison with the quantity of customers. I feel it is time to cease repeating research on this problem as they are adding tiny in the way of new facts. What would be novel is to perform out in advance of exposure to cannabis who is at threat of creating psychosis, rather than merely count these who have currently sadly turn into unwell.
Ian Hamilton
Associate professor of addiction, University of York

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