Bill to Shield Federal Personnel Who Use Marijuana Introduced


With federal staff operating in states exactly where marijuana is legal, the possible to shed their job is nevertheless really true.

Congress, in recognition of this struggle for specific US residents, has introduced a bill that would safeguard these staff from job loss due to marijuana use.

Florida Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist joined with Alaskan Republican Don Young to co-sponsor the Fairness in Federal Drug Testing Beneath State Laws Act, which would assure that these staff will not be fired, even although federal law nevertheless lists marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic.

Veterans make up about 1-third of the federal workforce, and quite a few are prescribed marijuana for discomfort management or to help with Post-Traumatic Pressure Disorder, Crist noted when the bill was introduced. This bill is mainly meant to safeguard these staff and let them to get the remedy that serves them greatest for circumstances they deal with on a each day basis.

This is Crist’s second try to see this legislation pass at the federal level, while final year the bill got stalled ahead of Congress. This year, on the other hand, various advocacy groups back the measure and the tone in legislative branches may possibly have swayed in favour of such a measure, compared to exactly where it was previously.

Meanwhile, Young is operating on removing marijuana from the controlled substances list at the federal level. He has lately introduced a measure that would achieve that feat, additional defending U.S. citizens from federal charges for marijuana use.


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