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A new survey has identified that a majority of Montana residents favors the legalization of marijuana in their state. Final results of the Large Sky Poll had been released by the University of Montana on Thursday. A bare-bones majority of 51 % of registered voters replied “yes” when asked the query, “Do you consider marijuana must be legalized in Montana?” Only 37 % of respondents mentioned that they had been opposed to the legalization of cannabis.

Assistance for legalization by political affiliation varied extensively, with 80 % of Democrats but only 33 % of Republicans saying that pot must be legal. Responses also differed markedly by age. 67 % of voters aged 18-26 and 64 % of 27-46-year-olds favoring legalization for these aged 47-66, assistance dropped to 56 %, although only 29 % of these 67 and older favored the legalization of cannabis in Montana.

Cannabis Has Montana Residents Seeing Green

Andrea Effertz of Kalispell, Montana told regional media that she supported the legalization of marijuana since cannabis sales could be a supply of new tax income for the state.

“I consider it could be truly beneficial for our roads, perhaps, our college systems, what ever it could go toward,” she mentioned.

A further Montana resident, Karen Nichols, also cited the funds that could be raised from taxes on marijuana sales as a purpose to assistance legalization.

“The state requires tax income,” mentioned Nichols. “We’ve produced massive cuts in social solutions, and any way we can restore some of that funding I consider is wonderful.”

She added that she is in favor of legalization supplied that tight regulations are enacted to guarantee public security.

“I do assistance it, if it is carried out properly,” Nichols mentioned.

The UM Large Sky Poll was performed online between February 21 and March 1 with 293 Montana registered voters. The poll collects and reports the views of Montana residents on a assortment of regional, state, and federal difficulties. It is commissioned with the assistance of the University of Montana Social Analysis Laboratory. The ongoing survey will subsequent be performed in the fall of 2019. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.72 percentage points at the 95 % self-confidence level.

National Assistance for Legalization Increasing

A further poll released this week showed that assistance for the legalization of cannabis continues to develop nationwide. The 2018 Common Social Survey identified that 61 % of Americans now favor the legalization of marijuana. That figure is the highest ever in the history of the survey, which has been following the views on cannabis legalization in the United States given that 1973. Assistance for legalization these days is practically 4 instances larger than the lowest level of 16 %, recorded in 1987 and 1990.

Assistance for cannabis legalization in the 2018 survey was also the highest level recorded for all age groups, U.S. regions, and political affiliations. For young adults aged 18-34, 72 % favored the legalization of marijuana.


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