Guidelines on Crafting Your Brand’s Cannabis Story


How to Effectively Inform your Marijuana Brand Story

We’re getting into a new age of cannabis promoting. No longer do we have to convince the industry that “cannabis is not a drug”. The vast majority of individuals are in favor of legalizing cannabis for adult consumption. Even far more are in favor of legalizing cannabis for healthcare purposes.

What this suggests is that as cannabis firms, it is critical to have an understanding of how to alter the way you present your story. Men and women do not acquire statistics, they acquire stories.

Even though the cannabis sector was mainly poised to service the “counter-culture” throughout prohibition, the acceptance of marijuana on a wider-scale, suggests that the promoting has to adapt as nicely.

This is why understanding the principles of “telling a fantastic story” is so critical.


You are NOT the Hero

Each and every fantastic story is comprised of a hero, a conflict and a resolution. Inside your cannabis brand, you are not the Hero. Your buyer is.

Inside your personal story, you are the Yoda to their Luke. You are the old-sensible guide that will empower your hero to take action that will resolve a conflict.

This is anything I see most brands (cannabis or not) fail at. They are attempting to push their narrative on the individuals, not involving them in the journey of their brand. I feel of it as a particular person attempting to hawk some merch on the side of the road, yelling at people passing by. Each and every now and then you have an individual who may well acquire anything, but the power spent and the final results obtained are not balanced.

By understanding that you are NOT the hero of the story, you can start off altering your method to make your buyer the hero of the story.


Empathy is essential

Secondly, you have to have to have an understanding of the discomfort points of your clients. Why are they hunting for a option to a unique trouble? Inside the planet of cannabis, this can be either due to healthcare factors, or merely as a recreational activity.

For individuals with healthcare afflictions, displaying empathy is far a lot easier than inside the recreational industry. For instance, if an individual is suffering from discomfort, a cannabis brand could start off off their “Branded Story” by displaying empathy,

“The factor about suffering from chronic discomfort is not that it just hurts, it taints every single other aspect of your life, generating life much less enjoyable…”

With that statement, you are acknowledging the discomfort point an individual who suffers from chronic discomfort may well relate to. This is you displaying empathy. You didn’t start off off with “We’re so great since of…”

You are saying, “I have an understanding of what you are going through”.

This tends to make individuals really feel “appreciated and heard”, which will translate into interest. When you have established empathy, you operate towards supplying a option.

Cannabis is shown to decrease chronic discomfort and raise enjoyment of life (the option) …but obtaining the ideal supplier can be tough (the conflict).

This is the fundamental formula of telling a fantastic story. Producing the Hero, by means of Empathy, and supplying the option with conflict, that will demand a helper (you) to help them by means of the journey (the Sales Funnel)


Guiding them by means of the Conflict

The rest of the story offers with assisting the hero by means of the journey. You will supply them with insight, worth and supportive arguments to help them with their choice. Eventually, pointing towards “taking action”.

Making use of the instance above, guiding them by means of the conflict could relate to


  • How to Spot a Bunk Supplier
  • &#13

  • The Dangers of having substandard weed
  • &#13

  • Items to appear for in a genuine supplier (top quality, consistency, purity)
  • &#13

  • Social Proof
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  • And so on.
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For the duration of this course of action, you are supplying context and providing them the tools to make an informed choice. You will want to have the buyer feel, “If I do not, I continue to reside with my trouble and it will be horrible”.

The course of action is not about pushing an individual to acquire a item, but letting them convince themselves that it is the ideal option. Eventually, you shouldn’t be attempting to just make the sale, but basically invest time in supplying worth to your customer all through the course of action.

This is yet another element I see with cannabis brands. They are consistently attempting to “push a sale” when in reality, you ought to merely attempt to supply the ideal option to your customer-base.


Simplify the Information

There are a ton of web-sites out there that are pushing ratios of THC to CBD, Nano emulsion technologies, infusion tactics and the likes. This does not operate. Men and women do not try to remember stats or figures. Of course, some do appear for these precise components, on the other hand, it is not the factor that individuals appear at initially.

If you are attempting to compete in the cannabis industry, attempt to make the encounter for the customer as basic as feasible. Place them initially. Empathize with their discomfort points and give them a worth-adding option that will resolve their troubles.

If you do this properly, you will turn your customers into brand-evangelists who will spread your story to other individuals in have to have of a right option.


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