Religious Leaders in South Carolina Voice Help for Health-related Marijuana


Lawmakers in South Carolina are presently taking into consideration a new bill that would legalize healthcare marijuana. So far, the bill has observed help each amongst legislators and the common public.

And now, the bill has formally received help from a potentially critical social group. This week, a group of leaders from a quantity of diverse religious organizations voiced their help for South Carolina’s Compassionate Care Act.

The help could assist propel the state’s bill forward. And extra usually, it could signal developing acceptance of healthcare marijuana amongst some religious groups.

Religious Leaders Help Health-related Marijuana

Faith leaders in South Carolina got collectively this week to formally voice help for the state’s Compassionate Care Act. This bill, which is presently functioning its way by means of the legislative approach, would legalize healthcare marijuana in the state.

In distinct, if this bill passes into law, physicians will be permitted to suggest healthcare marijuana to sufferers. And on the patient side, these with a recommendation would be permitted to buy up to two ounces of healthcare cannabis every single two weeks.

Initially, the bill was introduced by two Republican lawmakers. In quite a few techniques, that is a huge deal. Usually, Republicans have a tendency to oppose such bills. But with Republican backing currently in location, quite a few feel South Carolina’s bill has a powerful possibility of passing.

And these probabilities may possibly have enhanced even extra this week thanks to the help of faith leaders. As reported by the Connected Press, a group of clergy from a coalition of religious groups held a press conference this week.

At the occasion, they formally urged for the passage of the Compassionate Care Act. Particularly, the group stated that the law is critical for these dealing with really serious illness.

Baptist minister and state lawmaker Terry Alexander told the AP that healthcare marijuana must not be a religious or political problem. “Folks are starting to see it,” he stated. “It’s not a religious issue. It is not a drug issue. It is a relief issue to me, fundamentally.”

South Carolina’s Health-related Marijuana Bill

The bill has so far received broad bipartisan help. And as demonstrated by the state’s faith leaders, it is also getting a lot of public help.

Importantly, the bill has currently passed by means of early stages of legislation. Particularly, a state Senate Health-related Affairs subcommittee has currently created some revisions to the bill and then granted its approval.

Now, the Compassionate Care Act is moving on to a complete committee critique and discussion. From there, it will presumably be passed onto the subsequent rounds of legislation ahead of potentially becoming moved into law.

Religious Leaders and Health-related Marijuana

Although quite a few faith leaders in South Carolina are now supporting healthcare marijuana legalization, religious organizations in other locations have been significantly less open to the thought.

Possibly most notably, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), normally recognized as the Mormon Church, has been a longstanding and vocal opponent of legalization efforts in Utah.

Final year, voters in Utah authorized an initiative to legalize healthcare marijuana. Just about immediately–and at urging from the Mormon Church—state lawmakers overwrote that initiative with a controversial option healthcare marijuana system.

Now, a number of advocacy groups are suing the state. In distinct, advocates are functioning to reinstate the original healthcare marijuana system, as authorized by voters final fall.


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