New Brunswick Ramping Up to Sell Cannabis Edibles



With edible legalization just months away, the race is on to capitalize on the market.

While large businesses are well underway in their mission to enter the Canadian edible cannabis industry, small enterprises also want a bite.

One such example is Grand Bay-Westfield’s Thunder Hill Bakery, says CBC News.

Bakery owner Jen Guimond plans to open a separate location dedicated exclusively to cannabis edibles. However, setting up such a business is no simple task – as current dispensary owners throughout Canada will undoubtedly agree.

Nonetheless, demand will be there – often in areas where we least expect it.


THC and CBD to be Offered


Both THC and CBD have benefits, but the high caused by THC is often a deal-breaker, especially if users need to remain alert.

In an effort to cater to CBD lovers, Guimond intends to provide edibles from all parts of the cannabinoid spectrum.

While she waits for the green light to start her side hustle, the bakery owner offers cooking classes, teaching adults how to make their own edibles – the only legal way to possess edibles.


A Door to Seniors


Most coverage of cannabis depicts young men and women partaking in joints, pipes or bongs. But edibles are about to challenge the “stoner” stereotype and broaden the age range of cannabis users.

Guimond’s cannabis cooking lessons are quite popular. However, the interesting thing is that the majority of her students are 65 or older.

She tells Global News:


“It’s other people’s grandmothers. They’re thrilled to sleep through the night again or be able to pick up knitting again”.


Indeed, cannabis really does improve quality of life for many seniors.

That being said, we need to keep in mind that the effects of THC can cause complications with certain conditions. Heart issues are particularly risky, since THC cause a rapid increase in heart rate.

The medical community also voices concerns over potential conflicts between CBD and certain prescription medications.


The Goal is Personal


Passion and pride are always important when establishing and running a business. However, for Guimond, the desire to establish her own edible cannabis business extends beyond personal opinions.

It is this drive that – while somewhat concerned – will not deter her from jumping through regulatory hurtles.

According to Global News:


“Guimond says some of the licensing requirements to get into production do seem daunting but she won’t be discouraged.

She says helping people improve their quality of life is a personal mission, after losing her eight-year-old daughter to cancer in 2006”.


Edibles Only Available Through Government Dispensaries

No matter how prepared she may feel, Guimonds face one roadblock to her aspirations. Global News reveals that Cannabis NB is the only corporation allowed to sell edibles once they are legalized in October.


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