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Deception, lies, and greed. This is the fuel that has fed Prohibition for so lengthy and has in the end led to the tangled net in which we all at the moment hang upon currently. Way back when in 1937, cannabis officially became outlawed in the U.S. This came to be due to the fact of lying and deceiving men and women who have been filled with racism and greed.

Because then there has been a war waged against these who possess, cultivate or consume cannabis. From the fathers and mothers who have been hauled off to prison to serve life sentences for a plant, to the kids, veterans and other folks who have lost their lives due to the fact they weren’t in a position to legally use cannabis for the medicine that it is, it has been a war that has devastated millions and impacted just about absolutely everyone in some shape or type.

Unless you grew up with household or good friends that consumed cannabis, possibilities are you grew up like a lot of persons believing that cannabis was hazardous. This would most probably be due to the fact you have been fed lies repetitively your complete life by means of, like but not restricted to, the following

  • Marijuana is a gateway drug.
  • Marijuana is deadly.
  • Marijuana will make you harm other folks or your self.
  • Marijuana will make you have sex with strangers.
  • Marijuana is only for lazy teenagers who like tie-dyed t-shirts.
  • Marijuana will make you unmotivated and ruin your future.

The list goes on and on. From the media’s perpetration of cannabis all the way to your parents, teachers and preachers, most grew up believing what they have been told by their elders due to the fact they have been raised to respect their elders and trust their understanding. Sadly, numerous of these men and women had been lied to as nicely when it comes to cannabis and it has just been a downward spiral due to the fact.

This was till 1995 when California took actions to grow to be the very first state in the United States to legalize marijuana for healthcare purposes.  I personally assume this is when a lot of persons began to wake up.

“Knowing can be a curse on a person’s life. I’d traded in a pack of lies for a pack of truth, and I didn’t know which 1 was heavier. Which 1 took the most strength to carry about? It was a ridiculous query, even though, due to the fact when you know the truth, you cannot ever go back and choose up your suitcase of lies. Heavier or not, the truth is yours now.”- Sue Monk Kidd

People today are beginning to grow to be knowledgeable of the lies they have been fed for the duration of Prohibition and really frankly, most of them are pissed off. No 1 likes to be lied to and any individual with a compassionate heart and a tiny typical sense will agree that there is no purpose for the prohibition of cannabis to continue. We are pissed off due to the fact we now genuinely see the reality of corruption, greed, and outright lies inside our government. This awakening is thanks to the ease of access to info sharing that is out there currently. With extra info at our fingertips than ever just before, it is challenging to preserve the truth from the persons. But what is heavier to carry? The lies or the truth?

marijuana prohibition

In spite of the reality that 25 states have recognized cannabis as a medicine, the government refuses to do so. According to the DEA, there is no such factor as healthcare marijuana, however I could show you thousands of persons whose lives have been saved by cannabis that would say differently. By the way, this is the exact same Federal Government that has been shipping “medicinal marijuana” to a couple of sufferers on a month-to-month basis for decades and holds a number of patents on cannabinoids stating their efficiency as a healthcare remedy for a quantity of distinctive factors.

So I ask once again, what is less difficult to bear, the lies or the truth? To numerous, the truth is considerably tougher to reside with. The truth that the government sits by twiddling their thumbs being aware of cannabis is a medicine when persons are dying each day due to the fact they cannot legally access the healthcare properties the plant presents. The lies are less difficult to reside with due to the fact that is what they have normally recognized and it is less difficult to just play dumb than to comprehend the ­truth and support make a modify for the improved.

For other folks, the believed of getting lied to infuriates them and they make it a passion to bring light to the truths. It is these men and women that are producing alterations across the nation. It is these men and women that we have to thank for legal healthcare marijuana in 25 states and retail/recreational for adults in four. It is these men and women that have pushed various other states to spot initiatives on their ballots this November for citizens to ultimately have their say in irrespective of whether or not cannabis need to be legal for healthcare or retail inside their state. Let’s face it, we have a lot to thank these men and women for due to the fact without the need of them we would nevertheless be waiting on the government to make alterations and sadly, these alterations cannot and will not take place overnight.

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In 1970, below President Richard Nixon, the federal Controlled Substances Act went into impact. It is this document that has led to the tangled net in which cannabis hangs from currently. You see it is genuinely a catch-22 when it comes to altering the scheduled classification of narcotics on the CSA. In order to reclassify or eliminate a substance from the CSA, the DEA ought to very first obtain a recommendation from the FDA. The FDA, on the other hand, can’t supply suggestions for reclassification or removal of a substance from the CSA without the need of definitive investigation on a substance. Though a substance like cannabis is classified as a schedule 1 narcotic according to the CSA, the FDA has minimal to no access for researching cannabis. This indicates no recommendation can be provided primarily based upon research and only upon what has been previously documented which sadly is misinformation. It is for this purpose why numerous cannabis advocates and activists are pushing for total declassification of cannabis from the CSA. Sadly, this appears to be nowhere in sight.

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