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Fail proof way to germinate your healthcare grade cannabis seeds.
If you happen to be like me and have a tendency to neglect factors, skip the presoak and paper towel game.
Plant your valuable seeds straight in the excellent potting mix of three equal components:

1) Fantastic Soil:
two) Compost:
three) Perlite –

Water every day till sprouts seem, then transplant and fertilize inside a week – subsequent video, keep tuned!

UPDATES: notice I utilised vermiculite AND shifted for a finer mix…ALL ROOKIE Errors damp seedlings had been very sickly till I mixed in some perlite. also began working with bigger pots (five-20 gal) in future develop cycles with good final results.
Portion two – Transplanting into bigger pots to veg
Portion three – Fertilizing even though in vegetative
Portion four – Coaching
Portion five – Transplanting in ground vs significant pot to flower
Portion six – Organic pest handle
Portion 7 – Outcome of direct seeding into big pots & super soil