Man Crushed To Death By Bulldozer Through Police Chase More than 10 Weed Plants


The household of a Pennsylvania man killed just after he fled a clearing exactly where he was increasing ten cannabis plants fault state authorities for chasing him with gear equivalent to “a military tank.”

Although his pal was arrested at the game preserve in Berks County on July 9, 2018, Gregory Longenecker, 51, took off into brush so thick even a tracking dog couldn’t get by means of, reports the Washington Post.

With a helicopter overhead, a state trooper boarded a bulldozer with a Pennsylvania Game Commission employee, who’d been employing the gear when he’d spotted a automobile that didn’t belong.

Hours into cutting a trail, the pair discovered Longenecker dead. According to investigators, the suspect, who was discovered to have a “toxic level” of methadone and methamphetamine in his program, had crawled amongst the treads when the bulldozer briefly stopped. Its subsequent move was to the left.

Virtually each and every bone from his pelvis to his collarbone was crushed, lacerated, or broken, per a lawsuit filed Monday by household members, who doubt Longenecker hid beneath the machine.

They say the state trooper and Game Commission employee acted against “all prevalent sense and respect for life.” As an alternative of using machinery “with equivalent force and traits of a military tank,” troopers should’ve waited for Longenecker to emerge, or approached him later, as he wasn’t a threat to the public.

Having said that, District Lawyer John Adams argues the household would’ve been angry if Longenecker, who refused to surrender, had gotten injured just after troopers left, per the AP.

The DA’s workplace ruled in August that the actions of state police “were affordable and performed in a secure manner,” although the ACLU disagrees.


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