You Can Now Legally Mail Cannabis (Sort Of)


New recommendations from the US Postal Service reveal the federal agency will now ship and provide some cannabis items. Especially, hemp items.

As initially reported by Kight on Cannabis, the USPS “quietly released” the memo earlier this month. The letter cites the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills, which federally permitted and expanded hemp cultivation all through the US in states that legalized weed. The recommendations state the USPS will only manage cannabis items produced from hemp that consists of significantly less than .three % THC.

Hemp is a kind of cannabis that consists of negligible amounts of THC, so it will not get anybody buzzed. In current years, its cultivation has grown well-liked in the US for extracting CBD, a non-intoxicating compound with medicinal properties.

Of course, the US government will not make mailing weed items quick. 1st, to ship hemp or hemp items by means of the USPS, mailers need to fill out a kind confirming they are sending hemp and only hemp. Lying on the self-certification statement could topic the mailer to federal perjury laws.

Second, only licensed industrial hemp producers can mail hemp items. So, consider twice prior to sending some dank shatter hash to your buddy out in South Dakota.

Cannabis has been legal to varying degrees at the state levels due to the fact the 1990s, when California initially authorized healthcare cannabis. But even just after Colorado and Washington state launched America’s initially recreational or adult-use cannabis sales, the USPS forbade mailing any cannabis items by means of the postal method in accordance with federal law. &nbsp

In spite of the USPS’s ban, people today kept sending weed by means of the postal method. In 2017, the agency found more than 900 packages containing weed in Colorado alone.

The USPS memo does not adjust federal law, but rather it clarifies shipping guidelines now that hemp is federally legal. According to Marijuana Moment, the US Division of Agriculture, which oversees hemp nationwide, plans to situation new, extensive regulations for the plant sometime subsequent year.

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