Survey Indicates Teen Marijuana Use in Colorado is Reduced Than National Typical


If this have been a segment of The Each day Show, this short article may well start with a montage of Republican lawmakers decrying the “reckless, irresponsible” message marijuana legalization sends to youth. In legislative chambers across the U.S., opponents of marijuana reform, when all else fails, fall back on the argument that legal weed will certainly bring about extra young men and women to consume cannabis. Their case rests on a simple—and simplistic—assumption: make some thing legal, safer, far better-regulated, and extra men and women will do it. But a new survey of teen marijuana use in Colorado is starting to place the lie to that assumption.

New Survey: 81 % of Colorado Teens Do not Consume Cannabis

On Tuesday, public well being researchers in Colorado released a report detailing the final results of a youth marijuana education and prevention campaign known as Higher Charges. Researchers measured the efficacy of that campaign with a survey. The survey reached extra than 55,000 teen respondents, such as 500 in the City of Denver. And according to that survey, teen marijuana consumption is not just dropping in Colorado. It is also falling under the national typical for the initially time.

The report’s “respondent snapshot” reveals that 59 % of Colorado teens have by no means consumed cannabis. An further 22 % of teens have only consumed cannabis when or twice ever. A different eight % consume cannabis when a month or much less. In other words, just 10 % of Colorado teens use cannabis extra than when a month. So 81 % of Colorado teens do not consume cannabis with any regularity, have only attempted it or have by no means attempted it at all. The national typical for teen’s who don’t use cannabis hovers about 4 out of just about every 5. Colorado teens just barely surpassed that mark.

Higher Charges Cannabis Awareness Plan Is Assisting Minimize Underage Use

Colorado’s cannabis laws earmark a portion of marijuana tax income for drug awareness and outreach applications for young men and women. The City of Denver, for instance, has spent millions on its Higher Charges campaign. And primarily based on its new report, Higher Charges says it is income nicely spent. In addition to surveying teens on their cannabis consumption habits, Higher Charges also polled respondents about their familiarity with Higher Costs’ campaign supplies. 78 % of Denver teens reported that they have been familiar with the campaign. And of these, 75 % mentioned Higher Costs’ messaging discouraged them from working with cannabis.

Higher Charges is also the organization behind the on the net game show, Weeded Out. Weeded Out is the country’s initially marijuana education game show, and it was the focal point of Higher Costs’ 2018 campaign. Of the teens who watched the game show, 87 % reported discussing it with mates and family members. In quick, Higher Charges is acquiring its message out there. And the vast majority of teens who are conscious of it come across its content material clear, educational, trustworthy and likable.

And for the rest of the nation, the effectiveness of Denver’s youth awareness and prevention campaign sends an essential message. It shows that it is totally attainable for legal-weed states to safeguard young men and women and teens from the well being and legal dangers of underage cannabis consumption. And additional, it shows that sensible, nicely-funded applications can do way extra to decrease teen cannabis consumption than prohibition and harsh criminalization.


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