Round three: The Final 4 Strains


Even though March Madness plays out on the court, we’ve got a competitors on the sidelines. Welcome to Leafly’s Strain Madness, exactly where you will choose which strain gets dubbed the champion of all cannabis.

Verify back each day to obtain out which strain wins in each and every division, and vote each day to see your preferred strain by way of to the final round.

After two rounds of bud-to-bud matchups, we’ve got our final 4 semi-finalists. This round pits terpene against terpene to choose which strain will advance to tomorrow’s final matchup. Every single strain represents their dominant terpene and is vying for the title of 2019 Strain Madness champion.

Now it is time to vote for the two strains you want to square off in the final round.

You Know What to Do: Vote!


Two of California’s finest-identified cultivars square off in this semi-final showdown that pits the myrcene-dominant Granddaddy Purple against GSC, which is representing the caryophyllene division. Each of these strains are common for their potent euphoria, but GDP sends sleepy vibes whilst Cookies is identified for its chilled out, inventive higher.

Granddaddy Purple’s myrcene-packed terpene profile is supported by pinene and caryophyllene, which dance with other terpenes to develop sweet berry flavors. GDP has a powerful reputation as a sleep help, and a lot of report that it stimulates appetite.

Then there’s GSC, which offers a complicated palate of flavors stemming from limonene, humulene, and myrcene. These terpenes function collectively with caryophyllene to develop a signature sweet, earthy, and doughy flavors. Cookies is frequently chosen for its blissful, mood-enhancing qualities.

Each of these strains testify to their main terpenes’ purported rewards. Myrcene is believed to market relaxation, and this checks out with Granddaddy Purple’s dreamy, sedating qualities.

Caryophyllene, GSC’s main terpene, is a identified strain-reducer, and this strain’s capacity to wash away anxiousness with laughter is 1 of its finest qualities.

As two of the most common strains on Leafly, this matchup is up for grabs!

See each and every strain’s terpene profile right here:


Super Lemon Haze and Sour Diesel had been two of the largest competitors all through the initially two rounds of Strain Madness 2019. Now, they’ll go head to head in this semi-final battle, representing two distinctive terpene divisions.

Super Lemon Haze enters the Final 4 representing terpinolene, but its sweet citrus flavors come from an entourage of myrcene, ocimene, and caryophyllene operating collectively and with other minor terpenes.

A preferred daytime smoke, Super Lemon Haze is a prime instance of how the main terpene does not inform the entire story for a strain. Though terpinolene is observed to be sedating on its personal, the symphony of SLH’s terpene profile inspires activity and concentrate.

It is tough to envision any strain halting Super Lemon Haze’s winning streak. But if any strain can, your bet rests effectively with Sour Diesel. Sour D’s pungent, gassy scent is influenced by limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene, and humulene, but its impact profile is a testimony to limonene’s uplifting power. Limonene is also a identified strain reliever, and a lot of Sour Diesel fans appreciate its capacity to wipe out each day stressors.

Sweet lemons or sharp diesel fumes? Each can spark joy, but which will earn a spot in the championship? You choose.

See each and every strain’s complete terpene profile right here:


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