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A 2013 RCMP report warned of black market place cartels taking benefit of the Canadian healthcare marijuana business. Six years later, these issues are stronger than ever.

According to the Toronto Sun, providing less difficult access to healthcare cannabis brought on organized crime organizations like the Mexican cartels and Hell’s Angels to shift gears from dealing to generating.

When Canada legalized healthcare marijuana, the RCMP discovered that criminal organizations straight away applied for licenses to develop and sell medicinal cannabis. Luckily, the vetting course of action raised adequate “red flags” to filter them out.

But if an illegitimate corporation slips via the cracks, it would let them to profit from legal cannabis and use their companies as a front for cash laundering and other criminal operations.


Moving Away from Smuggling


Even though the black market place is far from defunct, criminal organizations know that even a partial move toward open market place sales will consume into just about every drug dealer’s bottom line.

Consequently, the RCMP report warns that:

“There is no shortage of organized criminal groups who have applied to make Healthcare Marijuana (MM)…Mexican Cartels are Legitimizing their Operations by Taking more than Resource Production and Exportation”.

This is inline with organized crime’s prevalent practice of investing in other “resource extraction” companies to assistance them hide in plain sight. Expanding cannabis out in the open is a lot less difficult with a government stamp of approval to shield these would-be licensed producers from suspicion.


“Constantly Evolving”


The dilemma with organized crime is that there is no “silver bullet” to take it down in a single stroke.

Criminal organizations are fantastic at adapting when circumstances modify. Rather than letting a roadblock like legalization quit them, cartels just seek an alternate route.

Regardless of the report getting six years old, nothing at all has changed for the black market place. The threat of organized crime (and its new method to illegal cannabis), nevertheless persists.


WeedAdvisor Supports the Open Marketplace


WeedAdvisor strongly supports the legal cannabis business and the governing bodies who have completed a strong job of vetting possible LPs. Their efforts, along with law enforcement, make sure that organized crime’s attain is as quick as doable.

In our ongoing operate to make sure cannabis supplies come from genuine licensed suppliers and retailers, we give Agency of Record Options (AORS) to assistance create partnerships and streamline communication amongst companies and regulatory bodies.

We also strictly stick to all applicable government regulations in our ongoing dedication to stay compliant and eventually combat the sale and production of illegal cannabis.