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Statutory overall health insurers in Germany covered 73.7 million euros ($83.7 million) worth of healthcare cannabis merchandise in 2018, according to new information published by German overall health insurance coverage agency GKV-Spitzenverband.

Pharmacies in the nation processed 185,370 prescriptions beneath the statutory system – which covers roughly 90% of the population – for the duration of the year.

Private prescriptions are not incorporated in GKV-Spitzenverband’s report, and there’s no centralized database to retain track of total sales of healthcare cannabis.

About two-thirds of applications for reimbursement are authorized, but sufferers can spend out of their personal pocket if insurance coverage reimbursement is denied or if they are not covered by the statutory system.

Healthcare cannabis merchandise in Germany are covered beneath 3 broad categories:

  • Unprocessed cannabis flower, all of which was imported from the Netherlands and Canada in 2018. The nation is in the procedure of permitting domestic cultivation, with the benefits of the applications procedure anticipated subsequent quarter.
  • Cannabis preparations, like ground imported flower when prescribed by a physician, complete-spectrum extracts from Canada-primarily based Tilray and dronabinol preparations. Extracts from Canada-primarily based Aurora Cannabis will be incorporated in 2019.
  • Completed healthcare merchandise, like Sativex and Canemes, which have marketing and advertising authorization in Germany, and other completed medicines devoid of registration. (Note:  Marijuana Business enterprise Daily combined 3 categories from the initial report into this broad category.)

Assuming an typical cost of 20 euros per gram, 1,647 kilograms (three,234 pounds) of unprocessed flower was covered by the statutory overall health insurance coverage in 2018. This does not incorporate flower that has been processed and is incorporated in the cannabis preparations category.

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(Coming quickly: Watch for  Marijuana Business enterprise Daily’s inaugural European healthcare cannabis report, which will incorporate a lot more detail on the German marketplace as nicely as other important sectors and possibilities on the continent.)

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