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City of Goleta

Goleta is in the method of reviewing amendments for land use ordinances pertaining to cannabis organization. The City will quickly be enabling the following licensed activities:

* Distribution

* Cultivation

* Manufacturing

* Testing

* Retail You can obtain extra details on Goleta’s ordinances and licensing method on the City’s site.

City of Pomona

The City of Pomona will quickly be accepting applications for adult and medicinal industrial cannabis corporations. The application method will consist of 4 phases:

Phase 1 – Application Submittal and Zoning Clearance

Phase two – Initial Scoring of Applications

Phase three – Public Presentations and Comment Meeting

Phase four – Final Ranking and Permit Issuance

The City has however to confirm the final kinds and numbers of licenses which will be issued. City officials will be meeting on March 18th to additional assessment and amend proposed ordinances.

City of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles City Lawyer has been instructed to draft an ordinance to start accepting applications for Phase III licensing. The ordinance will initially address Tier 1 and Tier two social equity applicants.

Highlight involve:

* Social equity applicants will have to submit proof of their social equity status through a 60-day pre-application verification method prior to submitting a comprehensive application.

* The City will initially approve 100 retail applications for Tier 1 and Tier two social equity applicants with 75% of the licenses reserved for Tier 1 candidates.

* The City will then approve an additional batch of 100 retail applications with no distinction involving Tier 1 and Tier two applicants.

* The City will launch a pilot plan for stand alone Delivery solutions with extra details to be released later Extra details can be accessed on the Division of Cannabis Regulations’ site.


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