Award-Winning, Scientific Innovation Eliminates Bottlenecks In Cannabis Oil Manufacturing


In 2014, Dr. Jon Thompson left his function in conventional chemical separation science &amp engineering to enter the burgeoning healthcare marijuana market. A young market, cannabis extraction was complete of trial and error errors that prevented results for quite a few companies. Relying on conventional analysis and improvement know-how, Dr. Thompson isolated considerable troubles that necessary a option for instant, enhanced ROI for company stability.

Amongst the troubles was the lack of scale-up considerations, which threatened to preserve extraction methodologies at the scale of laboratory production. One more big problem was the secondary extraction course of action.

Secondary extraction processes, such as “dewaxing” crude oil with conventional laboratory gear like Buchner funnels, presented manufacturing bottlenecks that hindered companies from seeing trusted income.

Enter Dr. Thompson’s DrainDroyd filtration unit. The filtration unit is a handy addition to the workflow of any cannabis manufacturing operation. The unit is made to not only filter solids like waxes from liquids, but is also made use of for removing significant solids from modest solids such as is expected in isolate production or in strong phase extractions of any sort.  The unit is capable of vacuum-assisted separations and pneumatic assisted separations. 

Dr. Thompson’s revolutionary item provides, “a funnel that is wider and produced from stainless steel. Due to the fact it is wider and extra tough than glass, the DrainDroyd, as Thompson dubbed his invention, can course of action four-five liters of oil in 30 minutes or much less. Filtration with standard gear applying Buchner funnels can take hours.”

“I am grateful for this recognition from such a hugely respected market publication, specifically for a item that is accelerated a bottleneck for so quite a few company owners. I am proud that we’ve created goods, like the DrainDroyd, primarily based on scientific principles of constant benefits and higher-high quality output. Our shoppers can rely upon our goods to attain their company ambitions and swiftly boost their ROI,” stated Dr. Jon Thompson

The DrainDroyd was launched in late 2017, with more than 1,000 units sold given that then. When the gear is generally made use of in the cannabis market, DrainDroyds are also well-liked in the meals, beverage and chemical industries.

About extraktLAB:

extraktLAB, a brand of United Science, manufactures major-edge, supercritical CO2 extraction gear in a 38,000 sq ft facility in Osceola, WI. Created in 2014 by PhD separation chemists and engineers, extraktLAB gear is renowned for obtaining the quickest throughput, smallest footprint, lowest power consumption and most scalable design and style in the market. In reality, shoppers can conveniently scale up to course of action 10 tons per day. In addition to technologies, extraktLAB offers engineering and consulting solutions to enable each seasoned and novice producers produce manufacturing facilities that meet or exceed ISO and GLP/GMP equivalent requirements.

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