Tilray Q4 2018 Earnings – Eye Watering Stock Price tag Challenging to Justify


Bottom Line

This is probably a quarter Tilray’s management desires to neglect.

Income of C$20.9 million missed even the low finish of income estimates and the net loss of $.33/sh was also beneath expectations.

On a single hand, management has shown they can sign exciting partnerships with some of the biggest customer packaged goods providers in the planet.

But on the other hand, economic benefits have not but confirmed this is a management group that knows how to effectively develop and sell cannabis.

Tilray trades at a cost far above the income greenhouses alone will create, telling us the industry expects the management group will discover other big sources of income in the future.

Enterprise Worth per Gram at Completely Funded Capacity

Supply: Grizzle Estimates, Yahoo Finance, SEDAR

The difficulty for us investors is that we nonetheless do not have facts about exactly where this income will come from and how big it can be.

Tilray’s income and profitability outlook are even much more uncertain than similarly priced peers Canopy, Aurora and Cronos.

Tilray has the third biggest industry cap in cannabis, but is not even a major 4 producer in Canada and in contrast to peers, does not have ownership of its personal brands which are mainly licensed by way of third parties.

Tilray’s stock has the farthest to fall must there be hiccups in the expansion of legal cannabis, causing us to advocate investors with a longer time horizon rotate into U.S. operators who trade at a single third the numerous of Canadian growers (IAN, SOL, TRUL, HARV,CURA, ACRG.U)

Staying in Canada we favor producers trading at a discount (OGI, FIRE, TRST,APHA) to guard against disappointing business cannabis sales in 2019.

Operational Critique

Tilray sold two,053 kg in the initial complete quarter of recreational sales. This is up 27% from the prior quarter, substantially slower development than peers who saw volumes enhance an typical of 230% in the initial complete quarter of recreational sales.

We also estimate income development was anemic, up only 16% when other producers had been doubling or tripling income.

QoQ Income Development in 1st Quarter of Recreational Sales

Supply: SEDAR, Grizzle Estimates

We also estimate income per gram fell 9%, but with the business refusing to break out excise tax we will not be completely confident about benefits till much more detailed financials are released.

The fall in per gram income and gross margins will continue at least for a further quarter as the business continues to invest in further wholesale item from other licensed producers to meet demand.

Moving on to Tilray’s profitability, this is a business with the second lowest margins in the peer group, right after Canopy, and is 35% beneath the group typical of $three.04/gram.

Gross margins of 20% are the lowest in the business for the reason that Tilray is obtaining to invest in provide on the wholesale industry to satisfy consumer demand.

Gross Margin Per Gram More than Final Six Months

Supply: SEDAR

Production expenses this quarter had been about $7.90/gram, 125% above the peer typical. Expenses per gram will undoubtedly fall as volumes harvested enhance and Tilray stops shopping for provide in the wholesale industry, but Tilray nonetheless has a lot of perform to do.

Production Expenses Per Gram for Producers with Recreational Sales

Supply: SEDAR

Valuation is in the Clouds

If Tilray sells cannabis for this quarter’s promoting cost of $7.36/gram, the business will have to sell 260,000 kg a year at a 30% EBITDA margin to justify the existing industry cap.

The finest way to illustrate the planet investors feel Tilray will reside in three years from now is with two examples.

If Tilray sells cannabis for this quarter’s promoting cost of $7.36/gram, the business will have to sell 260,000 kg a year at a 30% EBITDA margin to justify the existing industry cap.

260,000 is 25% much more than Tilray’s ultimate funded capacity will be, once more demonstrating the considerable premium constructed into the stock.

Place a further way, when Tilray reaches funded capacity of 209,000 kg they will have to sell each and every gram for $7.50 per gram to justify their $eight.eight billion industry cap.

Recreational income is only $four.40/gram now.

EV/EBITDA in 2020

Supply: SEDAR, Grizzle Estimates


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