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Illegally healed. These are two words which you may possibly not anticipate to hear with each other. Lots of men and women obtain that cannabis has a terrific good healing impact for them, but, if they are healed with cannabis in the UK, then the patient need to have committed a crime to acquire it. It was a phrase which actually struck a chord with me when I heard Mike Cutler, United Sufferers Alliance (UPA) founding father, on a poscost for an American organization known as Illegally Healed.

Two years earlier Mike was sent residence with a bottle of morphine to die. He had terminal liver cancer. He wasn’t prepared to give up and he most absolutely didn’t. Mike told a packed area at the UPA launch evening about how “I researched on-line and discovered Rick Simpson oil”. It turns out that immediately after some time on cannabis oil Mike was no longer thought of a terminal Liver cancer patient. He had taken his life into his personal hands and Illegally Healed himself. Soon after the launch evening, Mike’s story gathered some severe media focus, appearing initial in the Day-to-day Mail then a quantity of copy articles in a number of other key national news outlets. Sadly Mike passed later in the year due to a new aggressive lung cancer, but his memory absolutely lives on in the continued function of the UPA and other organizations.

This did get me considering even though the truth that men and women are breaking the law to be nicely is a pretty true and pretty potent oxymoron. A single that can not continue to be ignored. Lots of men and women with Terminal Cancer want to have this therapy and normally do not care if the law says they cannot. When it comes to every day life, fighting Cancer and other nasties is a daunting process and quite a few men and women get to the stage exactly where they are prepared to attempt something that could assistance them. Even if it indicates that they are on the incorrect side of the law. For quite a few, when it comes to the straight up selection of overall health or law, we decide on our overall health. This is anything that I personally know pretty nicely as it is a selection I make just about every day of my life.

The pretty true therapeutic prospective of cannabis must not be overlooked. Cannabis is at the moment Schedule 1 which indicates it has “no therapeutic value” according to the UK Government. In spite of a substantial wealth of scientific proof to the contrary, apparently 4000 years of human history is simply erased in a handful of decades of misinformation and scare stories. This is a pretty true shame as, though cannabis is not for every person, quite a few men and women could encounter good added benefits from incorporating medicinal cannabis into their lives. For instance, CBD is a neuroprotectant which could be helpful to any person suffering head trauma and is probably to slow the onset of age-connected illnesses such as Alzheimer’s &amp dementia.

It turns out that, when you actually appear into it, medicinal cannabis has the prospective to replace or at least complement very a lot of standard medicine. It would be foolish to say that just about every single individual would obtain it worked for them but for the vast majority of overall health complaints it could absolutely assistance. Take Viv Sumner for instance: “I had a Plantiar wart on my foot, I spent thousands of pounds attempting to treat it unsuccessfully,” Viv was hunting for an option as the chiropodists, ice and medication from the medical professional failed to get rid of the wart, “eventually I discovered oil and applied it to my foot, inside a handful of months it had alleviated the symptoms and then 1 day it just fell off!”

Viv was shocked and decided to campaign with the UPA, joining Mike Cutler, Jason Reed, Caroline Lucas MP and David Nutt speaking at the launch evening. She says, “I can stroll without discomfort, I can take my dog out for walks. I do not have to put on slippers all the time it is significantly enhanced my high quality of life. I’ve joined the United Sufferers Alliance due to the fact I think that cannabis must be created legal.”

And she is in great organization. Lots of of the individuals who spoke at our launch evening have gone on to take active roles inside the UPA. However a lot more men and women have joined considering the fact that and our ranks are expanding strongly. It is significant to point out that we are seeing quite a few individuals with distinctive situations are coming forward and speaking about how cannabis assists them. So are quite a few men and women who wouldn’t actually have thought of themselves individuals prior to but, now they have believed about it, they recognize that cannabis brings a good advantage to their lives. These are men and women who beneath a restrictive health-related only method would nonetheless be criminalized. And it is significant to point out that health-related cannabis is not just for the terminal cancer, MS and epilepsy individuals, but that cannabis has the prospective to be medicine for every person.

Alex Vitagliano is a prime instance of this. Alex is the man behind a lot of the logos and graphics in the UK activism neighborhood like the UKCSC, Brighton Club and the UPA. It wasn’t actually till not too long ago that he realized he was a patient, “I believed I just liked consuming cannabis till 1 day when I’d had a actually stressful day at function. I came residence and had a dab and the strain evaporated to the extent that half an hour later my buddies mentioned, ‘not so stressed now then.’ It actually created me recognize how considerably of a calming impact cannabis has on me. It is been even a lot more apparent not too long ago exactly where I have struggled to obtain adequate cannabis and I have noticed my knees and back are in lots of discomfort when I’m not capable to consume. I have realized that I am a health-related cannabis patient.”

Alex’s story reinforces the point that when it comes to cannabis, even if you consume for entertaining, it is probably you are nonetheless receiving a health-related advantage.

What is also fascinating is that the very same can actually be mentioned the other way round. Stuart Wyatt place it nicely in the trailer for ‘Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution’. When asked his opinion on the distinction amongst medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, Stuart replies, “Why cannot it be each? Why cannot men and women appreciate their medicine? Why must the two be separate?”

Which brings up a pretty valid point, what is incorrect with enjoying anything which assists you, and, vice versa, enabling anything that you appreciate to assistance you? Why to get superior do we have to get worse? Is not a medicine which you appreciate taking so considerably a lot more preferable than 1 which you do not? Wouldn’t it be considerably less complicated to get a patient to take medicine if it is anything they appreciate? Why does the word medicine have to conjure up all sorts of horrible photos like chemo and invasive surgery?

I know that there is a superior way, a way to get nicely and appreciate it also. When I was diagnosed with MS I was supplied a drug known as Tysabri, but I decided not to take it as it came with a entire load of nasty side effects, which I didn’t want to threat. A coma I would under no circumstances wake up from at the age of 24 years old was not a likelihood I was prepared to take. So I, like quite a few other individuals, decided to take matters into my personal hands. By means of campaigning I have got to meet actually thousands of men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life who obtain that cannabis has therapeutic added benefits for them, ranging from the most severe terminal cancer patient to a person like Alex who finds cannabis reduces their strain levels. We must not criminalize just about every single 1 of these men and women for whom cannabis has a true good advantage. I was delighted to get to place the beneath query to Nick Clegg on LBC in February 2015:

“In my time campaigning with the United Patients’ Alliance I have met and spoken to THOUSANDS of men and women who obtain cannabis is a medicine that assists them. Contemplating this and the substantial quantity of scientific proof which shows medicinal cannabis is efficient and can boost people’s lives, why are not you undertaking a lot more about it?”

Nick’s response was great when it came to health-related cannabis he agreed that individuals must have legal access to it, but he did show a important misunderstanding about the dangers of “skunk”, displaying that he has a lengthy way to go to becoming knowledgeable about the topic. I was somewhat disappointed in this but Nick did rightly say that the danger of “skunk” is even a lot more of a cause to regulate cannabis. He didn’t actually answer my query even though, he mentioned he would do a lot more but it is close to an election and the Lib Dems, like most politicians, have been recognized to go back on promises, clearly evidenced by the tuition charges fiasco.

In the meantime the oxymoron continues to be a reality and men and women are nonetheless breaking laws in order to be as nicely as feasible and to reside a superior high quality of life. Mike Cutler mentioned it ideal at the UPA launch evening, “For sick men and women to be condemned as criminals for healing themselves with a plant which has been made use of for thousands of years is not only incorrect, it’s against our human rights”. Even though Mike is sadly not with us any longer, his words will continue to ring correct and inspire activists for as lengthy as it requires – hopefully not also considerably longer, due to the fact we will not will need to be activists when cannabis is legal.

Activism requires so considerably from patients’ lives, we do it as it is the suitable factor to do, but in truth we actually shouldn’t have to fight to be nicely. It is not actually cannabis we are fighting for anyway, it is the likelihood to reside a superior life, a likelihood to function and hold down a job, to contribute a lot more to society, to have a lot more power to invest time enjoying our lives.

Susan spoke in Brighton about how medicinal cannabis helps her, Cannabis assists me with the cramps and discomfort of menopause, I’m not confident what I would do without having it.”

Cannabis desires to be brought back into the medicine cabinet and made use of to assistance every person who can advantage from it. Susan’s story is a different clear indicator that medicinal cannabis could be useful for every person. How quite a few ladies could have superior dealt with menopause if they had access to medicinal cannabis?

Jacob Barrow is a fantastic instance of a person who prohibition has a substantial impact on – his life is taken up by fighting for his medicine. Jake has been campaigning tough to be prescribed Sativex and has now been prosperous immediately after operating a petition. Jake’s story and petition was featured in Manchester evening news and other news outlets which saw thousands of men and women sign and assistance Jake. Jake is the sort of patient who could drop out if the UK was to introduce restrictive measures on what situations “qualify” for medicinal cannabis. Jake mentioned “I want to be capable to function – I believe when men and women meet me and see the 11 inch scar down my physique from the surgery they realize.” Jake must be permitted legal access to cannabis and we intend to carry on our function to raise awareness of medicinal cannabis and the burden prohibition locations on all individuals.

The conclusion of this post is very self-explanatory, the oxymoronic nature of becoming criminalized for undertaking what you can to reside a superior life is anything which clearly has no spot in a contemporary society. The pretty truth that we have to fight for this is taking so considerably from our lives. It is not okay that individuals are denied this medicine.

We need to stand up to unjust laws so, what ever you do, speak about it, do not be afraid to bring up the conversation and do not be afraid to get involved in the campaign, if we all stand up and start off speaking about this we will see the law adjust.

For myself and quite a few other individuals when it comes to the selection amongst getting a superior high quality of life illegally, or legally living a life of discomfort and suffering, it is a pretty simple choice to make. We fight so that future generations will not have to make that selection.


By Clark French,

Initially published in Weed Planet Magazine situation 116 


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