How Barcelona became the new Amsterdam (Spannabis 2019)


I went to Barcelona to see the Spannabis festival, and when there I was introduced to some of the ideal seed banks in the globe.

In instances prior to ours, when most goods have been transported by wooden ships, and when ports have been the only location sailors could see individuals outdoors of their ship crew, cities hosting these ports have been extremely unruly.

That is why nowadays we see legal prostitution in cities which have been as soon as important hubs of transportation and trade in Europe, such as Amsterdam and Hamburg. Nonetheless, prostitution wasn’t the only point sailors have been seeking for. Drugs, booze and forgiveness have been also on their list.

Presently, Amsterdam is the only city that really depicts that life style and the history behind it. Due to this affiliation, Amsterdam became the “city of drugs” and “party city of Europe”.

In the second half of the 20th century, Amsterdam became the weed hub of Europe, but this title could be slipping from its hold, as Barcelona has noticed a meteoric rise to fame amongst cannabis lovers from all about the globe.

So, in order to see what’s all this fuss about I went and visited Barcelona throughout the largest weed occasion of the year — Spannabis festival.

Seeing how cannabis is not legal in Barcelona, but just decriminalized, I didn’t definitely know what to count on so I went there with expectations on the low finish.

Just comply with the crowd, mate!

Barcelona is a fairly major city, and getting your way about is not definitely an quick process if you have never ever been there. This was my initially time there so I had tiny problems, but nothing at all important.

I landed at the Barcelona airport early in the morning, about 8am neighborhood time, and headed straight for my AirBnB. Right after I showered and got breakfast I took a appear at Google Maps and noticed that the occasion is positioned on the comprehensive opposite side of the city, in a rural region close to the airport.

Fortunately, every little thing is written in each Spanish and English so I had no problems getting my way to the metro. I located out I was supposed to alter three metro lines to get there, and considering the fact that I didn’t know the lines effectively I had to ask about.

I spotted a Brit sporting a shirt that screamed “I smoke weed and am right here for the festival” so I asked him for the way there, to which he just stated: “Just comply with the crowd mate, we’re all going there, yea”.

He stated it as if the complete Barcelona was going there, and it extremely effectively could have judging by the quantity of individuals. I stood there for a second as I was totally shook.

There have been at least a couple of hundred individuals on the metro station, and the initially two trains that came couldn’t even match half the individuals waiting on them.

We boarded the metro, and I was now officially a element of the Spannabis crowd, even although we didn’t even get there. The metro arrived at the station, and just about every single final particular person left the train.

My hunt for ideal genetics

So, I left the metro and worked my way via the crowd all the way to the ticket workplace. The line for tickets was ridiculous, but I had no complications obtaining mine considering the fact that I had press credentials.

Other guests, effectively, let’s just say they didn’t have a fantastic time waiting about in the noon sun.

Right after the gates opened and the majority of the crowd got in, I got to walking about. It was fairly cool, the setup was wonderful – there was an indoor and an outside section. There was even a major stage exactly where DJ’s played reggae one particular soon after one more.

I walked about the stands for pretty a when, and then I began speaking to one particular of the festival-goers about who has the ideal seeds. He pointed me towards the indoor region and stated “Go in there and appear for Dutch growers, do not even speak to the other guys…” and so I did.

The initially Dutch enterprise I saw was Bulk Seed Bank, a enterprise I’ve identified about, but never ever got the opportunity to familiarize myself with. As I approached their stand one particular of their guys asked me if I will need something, and I told him what I was seeking for.

Bulk seed bank

We began chatting, and he went on to clarify how Bulk Seed Bank is distinctive from other corporations. It was founded by a group of mates who have been each and every developing a distinctive couple of strains.

“I had Amnesia, a buddy of mine had Haze, then a buddy of a buddy had some fantastic skunk and I wanted that, so we swapped seeds… and at one particular point about eight years ago we decided to turn it into a business enterprise.”

He went on to clarify how the future of marijuana is going to be a lot more in the industrial strains, rather than the ones intended for health-related use.

“Think of strains like Gorilla Glue, they hit you tough and quick, the higher is extremely lengthy-lasting, and is fairly quick to develop. Our strain Armageddon is just like that, and it is quickly coming to industry so make certain you verify it out if you are into developing.”

I got a tiny parting present from the boys more than at Bulk Seed Bank which really should develop in just a couple weeks, and I was on my way.

Feeling the passion

I proceeded to stroll about in circles, and then I ran into one more exciting seed bank. I knew this one particular was the one particular I’m seeking for since its name was Dutch Passion.

Right after introducing myself, the staffers invited me into their booth, and I was joined by Jouke Piepenbrink. Dutch Passion was named as the “Best Seed Bank in Spannabis” 5 years ago, so I wanted an update on the enterprise.

I currently knew a tiny about Dutch Passion – it is a extremely old enterprise that is been generating some of the ideal seeds in the globe considering the fact that their accomplishment went worldwide with their Orange Bud seeds in the ‘80s.

Its founder and owner Henk van Dalen was the OG strain hunter, as he traveled the globe seeking for seeds of weed plants in Asia, Africa, South America, way prior to Arjan Roskam. Arjan just popularized it when mass media began selecting up on the cannabis trend a decade ago.

Numerous may well not know this reality, but it was Henk van Dalen who initially produced feminized cannabis seeds. This approach of feminized seeds was later popularized and we now know it as the “colloidal silver method”.

“We perform on all continents, except for Antarctica. We have offices in the Netherlands and now Barcelona also as of not too long ago. We perform a lot with Canada, we provide most of the LP’s with seeds as we’re one particular of the couple of, possibly the only enterprise that has all the paperwork necessary.”

Seeing how Dutch Passion produced it major right here at Spannabis five years ago, they believed it would be acceptable to share some news with the globe in the similar spot.

Jouke went on to clarify how Dutch Passion was on the road to becoming the initially vertically integrated cannabis enterprise in Europe.

“We came right here with a group of corporations, a sort of an alliance if you would. BioTabs which is an organic nutrient producer, Super Sativa Seed Club, SeedStockers, and one more LED lighting enterprise all joined us right here. We’ll also add retail to this group as we are speaking to a couple of brands for cooperation. At one particular point, we’d like to close the loop in the seed-to-sale cycle.”

I left the booth happier than ever, armed with some of the ideal news I’ve heard in a when. Europe is obtaining it is initially vertically integrated cannabis enterprise, and I was one particular of the individuals to hear it initially.

Jouke gave me a VIP card which gave absolutely free membership to its owner in the Dr.Resin cannabis club so I produced certain to use it and produced a B-line for that club.

The selection was large, they had a way much better present than in most Amsterdam coffee shops. A different point to point out was that there weren’t also numerous vacationers, and individuals weren’t sitting on leading of each and every other — like they would in Amsterdam.

I didn’t even have to share my table with anybody, and anybody who’s been to Amsterdam knows there’s no way in hell you get a table to oneself in one particular of their coffee shops.

Barcelona is absolutely on my list of areas to stop by once more, as there’s no will need to go to rainy, windy Amsterdam any longer.


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