The Status of Cannabis in Massachusetts


Recreational use of cannabis is now legal in Massachusetts. This is a huge victory for individual freedom and a clear sign of progress for these nevertheless in dire want of organic and clean options to regular medicines.

Along with this legalization, a lot of are curious regardless of whether they really should nevertheless get their healthcare marijuana cards or wait for far more recreational dispensaries to open across the state.

Massachusetts and Legalization

Massachusetts has an exciting history with marijuana legalization. In 2012, it became the 18th state the legalize the use of healthcare marijuana. Though not necessarily at the forefront of the push for a greener field of medicine, Massachusetts is a pioneer nonetheless. Considering the fact that Chapter 369 of the Acts of 2012 passed, permitting the “Humanitarian Health-related Use of Marijuana”, the state has observed an boost in healthcare individuals in search of cannabis therapy. Health-related marijuana reform in MA has due to the fact been met by a drop in marijuana associated crimes and a steady boost in patient alternatives.

Like all states that have legalized cannabis for healthcare utilizes, Massachusetts has observed opposition. In 2012, about the time that Chapter 369 was becoming voted on, the Massachusetts Prevention Alliance appealed to the state supreme court that wording on the ballot be changed. Naturally, their appeal was denied. Nevertheless, the wording was at some point changed following a vote, and Massachusetts Lawyer Common Martha Coakley rewrote the language on the ballot to clarify what a “yes” vote would imply. The “yes” vote did triumph regardless of the obstacles, and healthcare marijuana has established to be a valid—and pivotal—industry in the state due to the fact.

Doors Open to Recreational Customers

Recreational customers had been left out of Chapter 369 Act of 2012. That changed in 2016 with Query four of the ballot initiative. A majority voted “yes” to recreational marijuana becoming permitted. This changed the landscape in Massachusetts as individual use of cannabis went from decriminalized to completely legal.

Considerably like Chapter 369, there was opposition, but the persons voted, and the law was created. The 1st retail licenses for recreational cannabis had been granted in late 2018. Income have been substantial: a single shop reported sales of upwards of $two.two million in the 1st week of recreational legalization.

Benefits of the Health-related Marijuana System

Though recreational use of marijuana is permitted in the state of Massachusetts, getting the cannabis can nevertheless be fraught with hurdles. Not all dispensaries are offered retail licenses. In truth, only a handful of have them appropriate now.

For healthcare marijuana card holders, this is a non-situation. Health-related marijuana can be sold without having the want for a retail license since the two use instances are separate: a single use is for healthcare motives, the other for individual use. If you personal a card, you no doubt know that you can stroll into any dispensary in the state and be helped. Even if you do not have a card, you are far more than most likely eligible. A uncomplicated consultation with a healthcare marijuana medical professional is all that it requires and you may possibly delight in the accessibility and costs far more at healthcare dispensaries.

Taking the actions to get a healthcare card can be daunting if accomplished alone. Nicely, there is no want to tread alone. Veriheal exists to get healthcare marijuana cards in the hands of these who really want them and potentially do not see a principal care doctor any longer, or their principal care doctor might not be registered with the state. All of the physicians in Veriheal’s network are licensed by the state to certify individuals for healthcare cannabis use.

Do I qualify for healthcare cannabis in MA?

Any Massachusetts resident, who is at least 18 years old with a valid MA address and ID who has been diagnosed with a debilitating healthcare situation listed on the applications qualifying situations is eligible to turn out to be a healthcare cannabis patient in the state. The listed debilitating situations are as follows:






Crohn’s Illness



Hepatitis C


Hodgkin Lymphoma


Many Sclerosis

Parkinson’s Illness

Post-Traumatic Anxiety Disorder


Seizures or muscle spasms

Serious nausea

Finding a Health-related Health-related Marijuana Card in Massachusetts

Initially, you want to do is book an appointment with a medical professional by way of Veriheal to get authorized for healthcare marijuana in Massachusetts. Throughout the appointment, the medical professional will speak to you about your ailments and how healthcare marijuana can enable. Listen to what your medical professional has to say, and be truthful with them. You will be authorized in no time.

Soon after the consultation, a patient will then be offered a short-term healthcare quantity. Register this quantity on the Massachusetts Division of Well being web page and spend the $50 application charge. If it is your 1st time registering with the state, you will want to register on the Virtual Gateway (VG).  After you login to VG, you can start off your registry with the MMJ On the net Technique. Your card really should arrive in two-three weeks when the application is submitted. The short-term quantity offered by the medical professional can essentially be applied at dispensaries whilst you wait for the physical ID card to come in the mail.

Getting a healthcare marijuana card on hand tends to make the whole course of action even far more safe, protected, and dependable. If you want your therapy, you will have your card in your wallet prepared to go.

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