Can you determine the deficiency?


Hi guys, wanted some of your specialist opinions on this displaying in slightly older leaves, new development seems unaffected so far.

Week five veg – red cherry berry – barneys farm.

Rain water – beginning ppm about 35
250w hps
Lights on 26c RH 60%
Lights off 20c RH 70%
Cana coco pro plus with 30% perlite
five gal fabric pot (just potted up)
GH trio nutes + cal mag
Calmag 5ml/gallon
Micro two.5m/gallon
Gro two.5ml/gallon
Bloom 1.25ml/gallon
Straight rain water with cal mag every single other water usually with…

Can you determine the deficiency?
March 18, 2019 at 02:26AM

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