What’s the possibility that I got salmonella from a dispensary pot brownie? Will recooking them make them protected? : Marijuana


So final week, I ordered a pot brownie from the dispensary: “Enjoyable Cannabis infused” brownie with 350mg thc. The brownie says the exporation Month and day, but no year LOL. “MOD1203”

I’ve eaten dozens of these in the previous. That evening I ate a brownie, got higher, played 2K and passed out. I woke up about 3AM tho with extreme on and off abdominal cramps that came in waves, worsened when I changed positions. I also had diarrhea for five days, and the cramping progressively got improved.

I’m considering possibly it was salmonella poisioning from the brownie, could it be doable? If so, I have two additional of these brownies, will popping them in the oven make them protected to consume? If so, how lengthy at what temp?

Tldr Perhaps got sick af from pot brownie, would like to know if recooking them will make them protected.


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