How Considerably Cannabis (Marijuana) Can A single Plant Yield?

Require far more information on this subject? Study the video description for additional information & also see my episode on the Gram/Watt ratio and Wet Vs Dry weight to find out far more about yields:

To sum up the video: you Can’t predict yield on a “per-plant” basis. The variety per plant is something from 1 Oz to 10 Pounds based on climate, length of vegetative phase, and so on. You may be in a position to ballpark it if you have expertise with the strain & expanding situations. Aside from that, do NOT anticipate something close to a pound per plant out of indoor plants indoors you will be measuring harvest in two-five Ounces-per-plant. Measure in Watts alternatively: for indoor, just use a single 600 Watt HID bulb or equivalent as per the math beneath, If you effectively develop .five gram/watt, you will be fine.

300 grams/harvest X two Harvests per year = 600 grams/year = Pretty much two grams/day! Lots for most people….and a 3rd harvest is basic to do!

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