How complicated is it to find a recreational pot hookup in reduced Westchester County, NY? : Marijuana


I’m a chronic insomniac: for numerous causes I have an extraordinarily complicated time sleeping. I’ve attempted prescription drugs, alcohol, therapy, and counseling, but absolutely nothing operates reliably. Nonetheless, I not too long ago visited my brother, who lives out of state, and smoked some mild pot, my initially knowledge in a lot more than a decade.

Babies do not sleep as effectively as I did that evening.

Upon returning house I’ve been preoccupied with locating a supply. When it will ultimately be legal for recreational use in NY, I want to endure as handful of sleepless nights as attainable just before then.

Consequently, can anybody deliver me with some tips for locating a supply in reduced Westchester County? I’m in my late 30’s, and I function from house. In other words, my social circle is rather tiny, and I do not assume I know anybody who utilizes at the moment. In all likelihood, whoever I discover will be a stranger.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: New York’s healthcare marijuana system is ridiculously restrictive. I do not assume a medical professional would be in a position to prescribe it to me for my unique require.

Edit two: I reside close to White Plains, if that is beneficial.


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